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Top 5 Reasons To Try An iPhone This Year

iphone There are two main operating systems that you have to choose from when you want to buy a phone – Apple’s iOS or Android. If you are a techy person, you may be aware of the ongoing online debate about these operating systems.

In the debate, fans from each side may have strong conflicting opinions about each other. Each side considers the choice made by the other as the wrong one. But these arguments notwithstanding, there are many reasons why you should try an iPhone this year. iPhones offer numerous benefits and unique operational features that you would not find in other phones.

If you have not considered buying a new phone, here are five reasons why an iPhone should be your first choice

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1. Best App Support

The main reason most people opt for smartphones is the possibility of accessing different applications. It goes without saying that most great apps that have been created in the tech world are in the iOS App Store. While these apps may not have been launched on iOS first or are not exclusive to iOS, it is undeniable that it is the iOS App Store that supports the best apps more than any other App Store.

When they want to release apps or launch platforms, top software engineers who develop high-quality apps prefer to do so on the iOS App Store before they go to Google Play Store. It is because the iOS App Store has a revenue model that serves high-quality app developers better This guarantees iPhone users access to safe, quality apps. If you are looking for a platform that supports apps you wish to download, an iPhone should be your obvious pick.

2. Better Resale Value

Every so often, smartphone models with more attractive features are launched to the market. As such, people are always looking to upgrade phones to the most recent models. But as people take a shot at newer models, they would also want to sell their previous phones at a good price. Apple phones offer users a higher resale value than Android phones.

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The materials used to make iPhones are of high quality, which helps maintain their value. iPhones are also designed to stay up-to-date longer because they are only developed by one manufacturer and new models are not launched frequently. However, if you are looking to sell an older model, you may wish to unlock your iPhone before placing it in the market. This shouldn’t be difficult to do when using an online service like officialsimunlock.com. This way, you will be able to fetch a better price to enable you to get a newer model.

3. User Friendly

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iPhones are known for their user-friendliness. This ease-of-use is due to their straightforward operating logic. For instance, all settings appear under a single menu and all apps launch on the home screen.

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Apple’s iOS operating system stands for its consistency – it runs the same way irrespective of the iPhone model you use. However, this is not the case for Android phones that have more complex operating systems and can cause confusion. If you prefer a smartphone that is simple and easy to use, an iPhone is your best bet.

4. Guaranteed Security

Apple phones are generally more secure compared to Android phones with statistics from a  Forbes report showing that 97% of malware attack Android phones. Compared to Android, Apple has fewer apps in its Apps Store because it applies strict measures when determining which app developers should access the Apple ecosystem.

This means that getting apps that carry malware into Apple’s App Store is impossible. Similar measures are not taken for Android. The App store here – Google Play Store – is a free, ad-supported environment that allows all developers to place their apps. Android also allows users to add apps from sources outside the Google Play Store. This makes it virtually impossible to track and identify apps that carry viruses or malware.

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5. Seamless Integration

Starting off with computers, Apple has diversified its product portfolio over time. Today, the company has Apple tablets, music players, smartwatches and phones in its product section. All these devices are designed to integrate seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem. You don’t have to download a different application when backing up your iPhone or when you need to link it to another Apple device.

You can use a single Apple ID to sign in to all your devices and share notes, photos, calendars and emails across all devices. The best thing about all this is that you don’t have to make for books, apps or movies twice – you will find them in all Apple devices that you own. The Apple ecosystem is a closed space where user safety is guaranteed. This is because it brings together the manufacturers, devices, app developers and users into a single ecosystem.

Wrapping it All Up

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The attention that Apple gives to its products guarantees value for people who prefer quality devices and iPhones are not an exception. While there are numerous benefits for using an iPhone, its security features are perhaps its biggest win. With an iPhone, you get access to Apple’s payment service so you can make debit and credit card payments from your phone in a highly secure environment.