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Top 5 Gadgets To Keep You Entertained On The Go

Here are some of the not-so-common gadget suggestions to keep you entertained during travel and hotel stays.

Be it a vacation or official trip, gadgets can fill in your otherwise boring time spent traveling or at the hotel. This is not gonna be the usual article reminding you to take your smartphone, camera and chargers. We are discussing other gadgets that might make your travels even more interesting and memorable. Here are the top 5 gadgets to keep you entertained on the go.

Noise-canceling headphones

sennheiser pxc 550 ii headphones

Traveling involves a lot of time spent either on-road or air where you are exposed to a lot of noise. Noise might add to the discomfort of traveling. Noise-canceling headphones help enjoy your favorite podcast and songs without any interference. They cancel out the outside noise very well.

Surely a usual over-the-air headphone could do the job of playing music. But once you try one of these, you will never go back to a normal pair of headphones. The charge easily lasts for a typical air journey of 7-8 hours.

Right now, the Sony WH 1000XM3 and Bose QC 35 ii are the best in class. Priced around $300, they are a bit more costly than any usual pair of headphones. But the excellent noise cancellation feature is no match to any other noise-cancellation headphones.


Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteIf you are a book lover, you would already have a permanent place in your travel backpack for an E-book reader. Even for those not so much into reading, I would recommend carrying one.

When you are flying or camping outdoors, reliable internet is a luxury you can’t afford. E-book readers come in handy to kill time. Modern E-book readers come with in-built light and even have options to read the book by itself through your headphones.

Amazon’s Kindle series has got one for every price range. Combined with their kindle subscription plan, it is a great value for money. If you are looking for something big, there are Kobo’s and Nook’s.

Media streaming device

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Travelling to a new place and staying in hotels leaves you with very fewer options when it comes to content streaming. Most often,  the hotel TV does not have as many channels. The worst part is the geo-restrictions and unavailability of streaming platforms of the country you have traveled to. Plus, logging in your Netflix account on the hotel television is a security risk.

Carry a media streaming device of your choice. Amazon Fire Stick 4k is the best in my opinion. Compact in size, affordable and versatile. You can get a VPN set up well in advance to bypass the geo-restriction and stream happily ever after.

Not all require a Firestick kind of media streaming device as most vacationers spend the least time at the hotel rooms. For those needing one, make sure you also know how to get rid of buffering issues on Firestick which is common when paired with Hotel Wi-Fis.

Bluetooth speaker

Xiaomi Mi Pocket Speaker 2 You don’t wanna miss out on any opportunity to enjoy while on a vacation. Carrying a Bluetooth speaker in your carry-on is nice to establish a party. Homestay backyard, beaches – they work wherever and whenever.

Make sure your speakers are capable of taking all the beating when traveling. Check for water resistance, charge duration and bag mounting options.

The options for Bluetooth speakers are endless and it is hard to get one that sounds bad. There are Bose’s, JBL’s and many more to check out.

Gaming console

google-stadia-controller Gaming is part of the daily routine for a few people. Whatever they made out of the day, a win at their favorite title is what will complete their day.

Don’t think of the Xbox and PlayStations. You have got the Nintendo switch that is travel-friendly and allows connecting to the TV and multiplayer gaming. Again, it depends on your preference to spend time on a console on your vacation.

There is yet another option for gamers, Google Stadia. Carrying a gamepad should offer you endless gaming options provided there is a fast and reliable internet connection.

We have got some additional tit-bits that are not essentially gadgets that entertain you but supporting tools.

Power banks are essential with these many gadgets accompanying your travel. Solar power banks are recommended if you are hiking or camping outdoors.

A portable Wi-Fi device is gonna solve most of your internet problems when you are traveling. You can easily get one from the local store for $30 if you are traveling abroad.

Using a VPN in your mobile phone or any other internet device protects your device from malware attacks and improves privacy. In countries like China, you need the help of a VPN to access Google and Facebook as they are restricted there.

There is not any necessity to carry all of the above-mentioned gadgets every time you travel. Pick only the necessities and keep your load to the minimum. Do not skimp on spending time with fellow travelers and exploring the cities. Because letting the gadgets have all of your time makes your travel less meaningful. Finally, travel responsibly and adiós.