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Top 5 Considerations For Choosing a Content Authoring Tool

elearning eLearning is the talk of the town for the great benefits it shows forth in the process of learning and development. That being said, one of the most important aspects of eLearning development is choosing the right content authoring tool. With the internet flooded by eLearning authoring tools reviews and comparison, eLearning professionals and developers are often confused and overwhelmed. However, it need not be such a dreadful task, provided you are aware of the right considerations to look at.

In this article, we have listed a few things you must consider when selecting a content authoring tool.

Learners’ Need 

The first and most important thing to consider when choosing an authoring tool is the learners’ needs. By picking an eLearning tool based on the wants of your audience, you can grab the golden opportunity to create deliverables that will definitely provide optimal results.

Think about the technology limitations, skills, and learning needs of your audience. Will they get the most out of the course if you include quizzes and interactive games, or will your eLearning course be more effective if you opt for a more simplistic slideshow approach?

Development Time

One of the biggest determinants of your choice should be the time you have at hand to develop the course. If you are bound by tight deadlines, you must opt for rapid authoring tools.

Rapid authoring tools are the ideal choice when you have to fulfill the client’s demand for a quick turnaround of courses. These tools can not only help you develop courses quickly, but also help you repurpose existing content. Is that all?

These tools have readymade templates that help in quick and easy integration of required audio, video elements in your eLearning courses.

Ease of Use

Practicality and ease of use are also essential factors to consider. Many of the more complicated software often allow the user to control all elements in your eLearning course/ design. Whereas, the software that may be a little easier to use, do not grant much freedom in the hands of the user. Therefore, before choosing the tool for your needs, you have to ask yourself a few questions – How much time does it take to get a novice up and running? Can it be integrated with multiple authors at once? Can you visualize the end product from the beginning of the process?

And lastly, do you want flexibility or convenience?

Skills of the Team

Determine whether your eLearning team has the required skill sets and knowledge to work on a complicated training tool, or are they better off with a more simple tool that is easy-to-use.

A simpler authoring tool might be very comfortable to work with, but it won’t give your team the opportunity to break the barriers and create something game-changing. On the other hand, selecting a tool that challenges their knowledge and skills will push them a little harder and help them create a powerful course which will be a learning curve as well. However, if you are timebound, select the tool which is easy to learn and use.

Budget and Maintenance

Budgeting is important; therefore, before deciding an authoring tool for your organization, set a budget. Determine how much can you spend on the course. If you are trying to save money, choose rapid authoring tools you can afford. And if you are not following a budget, pick a tool that offers a wide range of features, functions, and flexibility.

Of course, it is essential to think about the desired outcome. Do you need a tool that allows you to insert interactive games? The tool you select, although expensive, will help you create highly interactive courses.

So before you choose the tool, look at the demos to determine the level of complexity, which will further help you determine the time and money you might have to invest in training.

Final Thoughts

Keep these 5 considerations in mind when choosing a content authoring tool. Read reviews of best authoring tools for content development. If you still cannot decide which tool is right for you, review the demos of the tools and courses developed using them. This will make it easier for you to decide the best eLearning authoring tool for your needs.