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Top 5 Browsers For Android For Different Needs

top browser for android The best Android browsers for fast internet, great data saving, best security and appealing interface. Explore our top list of Android browsers to know the best one for you.

Androids have a merited reputation for flexibility. Aside from the Chrome browser, Google mobile OS is known to give users the liberty to download other browsers from the Play Store and set them as their default browser.

It is estimated that about 60% of Android users use Google Chrome as it comes pre-installed with all Android devices and many don’t bother looking for other options. No doubt Chrome is one of the best out there, however, many users have accused it of using too much RAM amongst other things.

Luckily, there are a couple of other unique Android browsers that come with standalone and multi-functionality features such as in-built VPN, video downloader, and premium privacy settings – to limit the need for multiple apps while browsing. Here are some of the best Android browsers asides Chrome that comes with unique features which mobile users should consider using.

1. Opera

Opera is a mobile browser that comes with a desktop counterpart and allows users to sync their browsers on both devices. Opera stands out with its data-saver mode which compresses web pages and videos to load pages faster and save users a good amount of data if they choose to use this feature due to limited data allotment. Opera also features an in-built VPN and a virtual IP however users will find out they can’t use both VPN and data-saver mode simultaneously.

Opera is also one of the fastest browsers for Android user, therefore, making it ideal for mobile gaming on online casinos and other gaming sites. Using this browser, one can access a handful of the Casino Games UK and enjoy their various game offers as well as bonuses they give. One downside to Opera is its interface which can feel slightly confusing at times.

2. Brave Browser

Brave is specially designed for users who are concerned about their online browsing data. This browser is anonymous Chromium-based, so it is a great alternative for users who are to Chrome for Android. Brave is a very fast and privacy-focused browser that comes with an adblocker and pop blocker. Another advantage of this browser is its protection against malware and fast loading time – all these allowing it to offer premium browsing experience.

3. Firefox

If you are have tried using this browser on your desktop, then you’ll probably be motivated to use the Android version of Firefox. One core advantage of this is that all your passwords, bookmarks and browsing history will be carried over to your mobile phone. Firefox also gives you the liberty to customize it to an astounding degree with attractive themes and interesting extensions. If you want to have control over the way your tabs are displayed and even what colour they should be in, then Firefox is just for you. However, this can get overwhelming at times as even basic setup on Firefox requires customization.

4. Aloha

Aloha browser features a free in-built VPN service, so you don’t need to download an extra app on your Android if you are using this browser. Aloha is a fast web browser that provides maximum privacy and security. It free and unlimited VPN allows improves your internet freedom and security. Some other cool features of this browser are ad blocker, popup blocker, and privacy and tracking protection.

5. Tor Browser

Tor is one of the best browsers for privacy and online freedom. The Android version is supported by the Tor Project and it is designed to offer advanced privacy by isolating each website you visit to protect you from third-party trackers and ads. This browser automatically clears all the cookies when you are done browsing and also prevents third parties from monitoring your connection and knowing what websites you visit.