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Top 5 Apps To Track Cell Phone Location For Free

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Until a few years ago, tracking a cell phone was complicated because the technology was not readily available and hence, we didn’t have too many options at our fingertips. Mobile phones are ubiquitous these days – in the hands of toddlers to teenagers to adults to senior citizens. Cell phones offer a lot of perks apart from constant connectivity.

One such advantage is the option for parents to pick from a buffet of applications for finding out the exact location of their child when they are out in the middle of the night or off on a trip. It can also come in handy for directing a caring eye at senior members of the family, spouses or friends when necessary. In case you are trying to choose an app best suited to this purpose, you may want to go through this list to select your perfect application.

In this article, we will help you in discovering all the important aspects of some of the best apps to pinpoint a handset’s location for free or at a minimal cost, thus enabling you to learn more about tracking a cell phone location with number easily.

Best Apps through which you can Track Cell Phone Location

The following are some of the finest cell phone location tracking apps through which you can track a phone’s location without any effort:

1. Cocospy

There are many similar apps out there in the market; but very few can beat Cocospy. This application has been popular for quite a long while and all around the world, there are millions of people who use it to track cell phone locations. Apart from offering basic tracking of a cell phone’s location, it has some additional outstanding features.


Cocospy is really easy to use and operates things in an organized manner. It works like a discreet detective and helps you in finding out all about the concerned person’s location within a couple of minutes. You are just required to execute a few commands to make this application work for you.

All its functions work pretty covertly for the most part. Another good thing about Cocospy is that it doesn’t only tell you the location of the device you enquired about at the current moment, but it also shows you the complete history of the previous locations of the targeted phone as well. Doesn’t this sound brilliant?

How to Utilize Cocospy

As part of the initial step, just sign up for Cocospy. You will be able to get a subscription plan that would depend upon the target phone. Obviously, it can be iOS or Android, as Cocospy works fine with both systems. Cocospy Signup

Now obey the commands that are on the screen guide. It’s very easy to install Cocospy by following these directions – all it takes are a few clicks.

Press the button that says Start and get ready to monitor the device. At this stage, you will be taken to the app dashboard. Cocospy Dashboard

To gain access to the concerned device’s location, you have to go to the ‘Locations’ tab on the left side of the user interface. It will allow you to set restrictions on the map for the cell phone’s location. If by any chance the device crosses these limitations, you will get a notification. Cocospy Track Location

Pros of Cocospy:

      There is no need to root or jailbreak the device.

You don’t have to install the application on the targeted device if it’s iOS.

It’s a web-based service that will work perfectly fine with any web browser.

To make it work for Android phones, you have to go in stealth mode.

It’s one of the most cost-effective apps in the market.

    Reliable and simple-to-execute commands.

Cons of Cocospy:

We haven’t come across any so far.

2. Spyic


If there is any other cell phone tracking app that can give Cocospy a run for its money, then it is Spyic. This phone-monitoring application when utilized to track targeted a phone’s location, does so in stealth mode.

So you could use this to track a phone’s location if you don’t want the owner to find out that someone is spying on them. Spyic has more information on its official website about its other benefits apart from the core tracking feature.

3. Google Maps

Google Maps Location Sharing Of course, you know about Google Maps. It’s not just useful for finding your way around an unfamiliar location or discovering the fastest route to your destination. This app is really good for sharing your location live or alternately, tracking someone in real-time.

You can trace more than one device at the same time by using this app. It’s wildly popular and the most straightforward way to keep tabs on someone’s location or to convince your friend that you really are heading to your hangout spot and not just lounging at home pretending to be on the way.

4. Glympse

This minimalistic application works amazingly well for pinning down someone’s location. It allows you to send or accept a live location for a preset amount of time. The length of the location-sharing time can be customized by the user who is sharing their location. Apart from that, it also gives you the option to request someone for a ‘Glympse’ of their location.

5. Geo-Tracker

Geo-Tracker is built especially for Android phones and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store free of charge, though there may be some in-app purchases. By utilizing this application, you can share the details of your tour with family and friends and vice versa. It can record the details of a journey even when switched off and is aimed mainly at action sports and long-distance travel hounds.


We hope that this article has been useful in helping you to pick out some of the best apps to track a cell phone location without paying anything, or by shelling out a minimal amount at the most.