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Top 4 Cybersecurity Trends In 2020 You Need To Be Aware Of

cyber-security New sophisticated threats emerge all the time. Fortunately, we have security specialists on our side to protect us from all the harm. But to stay truly safe online, you need to know what’s going on in the cybersecurity industry. Only then you will know what tools do you require to protect yourself.

Stay with us to find out why you need to have the best identity theft protection this year, and what tendencies will dominate in cybersecurity. If you were following the industry in 2019, these trends might not come as a surprise, but it’s always useful to rewind and make sure your knowledge is up to date.

Spear phishing

We all know about phishing. But it gets more advanced, just like other threats. We share a lot of information online. And hackers can easily get it merely processing out social media profiles or scraping data from some websites. Then they use the gathered details and create a very realistic message or an email based on that information. Such letters don’t look fake, and they can even follow our recent online activity.

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For example, hackers might have access to the data of an e-commerce website where you’ve just made a purchase. And, say, you want to pay for it – link to the payment page will be sent in the confirmation letter. So right after you complete the order, you will receive a confirmation email. But this one will be fake and sent by hackers. You won’t notice anything suspicious and enter your credit card data. Now malefactors have your banking card details, and you weren’t aware that something was wrong.

Even the most advanced users get fooled by spear phishing. That’s why Internet security software that’s able to detect malicious emails is so necessary. Another thing you can do is to leave as little information as possible. Also, avoid Facebook games – they’re often used by malefactors to collect data.

Artificial Intelligence is Both for and Against Us

AI is very powerful, and it gets more advanced every day. Many providers of Internet security solutions use machine learning to reinforce their software and make it more efficient in detecting and preventing cyber-attacks.

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But hackers also take advantage of artificial intelligence. Thus, security tools that are unable to process what’s happening and learn all the time become less effective. We can expect a malicious system to evolve and create more sophisticated attacks even without a human interfering in the process. So the defense should be at least just as complex.

Internet of Things Becomes the Target

Today almost everything can be hacked since everything is smart. We have smart fridges, watches, TVs, cars, even homes. While hacking some smart household items seems unnecessary to most people, it can actually provide malefactors with valuable resources, especially if the item can capture your voice to interact with you. Just think about it – once the hacker gets into your Google Home, they can hear your conversations and gather some sensitive information.

There is a lot of debate about IoT partly because smart things can be hacked. And the issue is that there is a huge gap between the intelligence hackers and security professionals have. Unfortunately, malefactors are so far more advanced than the protection measurements we have. Hopefully, things will change soon.

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An Employee is the Biggest Vulnerability of the Business

According to the research, in 2019, one-third of all attacks businesses suffered from happened because of the human mistake. Employees get targeted by hackers more often because it’s simpler to lure the person into a trap and receive the required information – login credentials, for example. Even the biggest and most advanced companies are vulnerable to hacker attacks because of their employees who can give away sensitive data without even knowing.

That’s why companies have to educate their staff besides providing their devices with sustainable protection. If businesses neglect this need, they will continue suffering from attacks because hackers will never miss the opportunity to go the easy way and fool and employee.

Today it’s more about the knowledge. You need to know what tools to use and what to protect yourself from. Then you can be sure your data and devices are safe.

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