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Top 3 Best Characters To Play In Tekken 7

The latest entry in the Tekken franchise is chock full of exciting characters. However, not all characters are created equal. And even with the careful balance that Tekken 7 manages, there is still a distinct separation between the best characters to play competitively and the worst ones.

With 50 characters in its roster, Tekken 7 players have plenty of choices to make. But thanks to the various Tekken 7 tier lists out there from professional players, content creators, and sites like DashFight, we can figure out which are the best characters to play, at least at this moment.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the best characters you should play. If nothing else, they might teach you a thing or two about how to counter them in your matches.

Leroy Smith

leroy smith tekken



It is often said to be broken and even said to be destroying the game’s competitive scene by professional player Bae “Knee” Jaemin. However, the character has been toned down from his height in late 2019 and early 2020. His high damage output, useful utility, and easy-to-pick-up nature made him a clear choice for players from the lower level of competition to the high-end pros.

Many pros at the time Leroy reigned high over the competitive scene voiced their discontent with the character’s balance. Thankfully Leroy became tournament legal after the end of the biggest annual tournament, the Tekken World Tour finals. But that was in time for another big event, EVO Japan, which was a massive demonstration of what happens when an imbalanced character makes its way into pro circles.

After a long series of patches, some of which were just for him, Leroy stepped down a notch and finally became balanced. Still, Leroy can be a great character to play for many. His versatility and speed are all there, though reduced, of course. So if you are looking for a secondary character, you really can’t go wrong with Leroy Smith.

Steve Fox

steve fox tekken From the start of the game, Steve has been considered among the top characters to play competitively. However, he requires a lot of technical knowledge of his setups and cancels. Not the most beginner-friendly character to pick up for the first time and hope to do well, but for a pro player, who can invest hours and hours on Steve, they will see seemingly never-ending growth in potential with their time commitment.

If you needed any evidence, Knee, arguably the best Tekken 7 player at the moment, uses the characters regularly, even with his massive bucket of secondary picks. As Tekken content creator TheMainManSWE says, Steve Fox is one of the best choices a player can make in a tournament – if they know all the technicalities.

The low number of kicks, which are mostly replaced by his wave maneuvers, means that players have to familiarize themselves with a wide range of possible move options. His stances, flicker, and ducking, for instance, are vital for a good Steve player. All this to say, bring a notepad and pen to the Steve course before attempting to run a tournament bracket with him. Know that those in your local will fear you if you pass.


fahkumram tekken Released in March last year, Fahkumram is the last character we will highlight here today, and arguably, it’s one of the more sneakily good characters in Tekken. In contrast with Leroy, Fahkumram has many passive ways to challenge other characters. For one, his height does a lot of work for his range. And his neutral attacks can be devastating for players who are unfamiliar with the matchup.

Fahkumram is also not like Steve Fox, who requires expertise that brings on a lot of respect from fellow pro players since much of what makes him a good character is just that he is powerful, aggressive, and big. Especially his hurtbox, which allows players to sneak out of hits occasionally. But there is thankfully a downside to the beast. Characters like Steve Fox and Marshal Law can bring the heat to Fahkumram players thanks to their ability to punish his whiffs.

Another element to Fahkumram’s success is the fact that not many offline tournaments took place after his release. This then led to a pro player sometimes underselling his strengths until it became apparent that Fahkumram is not a mid-tier fighter. He is, without a doubt, one of the stronger picks one can make for a tournament setting.