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Top 15 Things That Can Be Automated Via Linear Motion Technology

We all want a life full of comfort, convenience, and security, and that is what the tubular high speed linear actuator does in your appliances. This article highlights some of the 15 things can be automated via Linear Motion Technology (LMT).

Draperies and blinds control


LMT can be used to make your draperies and blinds a fancy staging in your house. You don’t need to go about manually closing your blind; you can just do it from the comfort of your seat.

Gate control

One of the ignoring situations is when it’s raining like never before, and you are at a gate that has to be opened by hand, you can imagine what happens next. Well then, we can put this barbaric lifestyle behind us with automated gates.

TV lift control


TV lifts are currently the in thing via automation. You can keep the beautiful view of your living room and hide it in the ceiling, only to reveal it in an impressive way. TV lifts are amazing!

Kitchen rack

LMT can also be used in kitchen racks, to give your kitchen that extra touch. One will also be able to store things in a tiny place in the kitchen and be able to access them by simply pushing a button thanks to automated pop-up kitchen rack.

Desk lift


When you want to have a desk with an alternating height then actuators can do it flawlessly.

Robot parts

With the world going robotics, linear actuators have been used as parts of robots for precise and perfect movement.


Linear actuators can be used to, make switches automated so that you can turn it on and off by a simple clap.

Orthopedic tables

Actuators are now being employed in hospitals to create customized table that can be lifted and lowered quickly for efficient medical care



Linear actuators are used to position antennae towards the direction of reception and transmission of signals

Door locks

Through the use of LMT, you can automate your door locking systems without moving an inch.

Sofa bed control

Automated sofa beds are cool so that you don’t have to fold it yourself.

Car door automation

This technology can be used to make your car state of the art. Imagine approaching your car and the door open automatically.

Linear thrusters


Linear actuators are now used for lifting purposes. In Linear thrusters, the motion is created by four or two shafts that are guided by linear bearings.

Industrial contro

The application of this technology in industries is unlimited like in processes and packaging.


Automated screwdrivers save a lot of time and energy. You can screw everything in with a simple press of a button.