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Top 10 Wireless Predictions For 2008 announced by inCode

inCode Top 10 Wireless Predictions For 2008 inCode, a VeriSign Company has announced its Top 10 predictions that could change the shape of the wireless industry in 2008.

Some of the highlights of the predictions are:

  • The WiMAX/LTE wars will end with a whimper. The long-awaited “take-off-the-gloves” battle between next-generation wireless technologies LTE, HSPA and WiMAX will not occur since they are in different stages of maturity, with HSPA already enjoying widespread adoption and a flourishing device market.
  • A new wholesale carrier will emerge. The 700MHz spectrum auction presents a large opportunity for the emergence of a new wholesale carrier (i.e., no retail operations or direct customer) that focuses on being the most cost-effective player in the market and avoids the retail game. The wholesale carrier model will be driven by companies such as Google — but the question remains: How much control will Google be able to garner?
    Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology goes mainstream. Long used for pirating files, US distributors follow the UK’s lead and begin to utilize next-generation, secure and DRM-protected P2P for mobile content distribution.
  • For the eighth year in a row, mobile service quality will continue to deteriorate. The combination of new technology (3G), multi-band, multi-access technology, advanced and complex handsets, least-cost routing and under-investments in network coverage have made mobile services less reliable than they were before the introduction of 3G.
  • “The coming year is going to be incredibly important for the wireless industry as new business models begin to take shape,” said Jorge Fuenzalida, vice president of communications consulting for inCode, a VeriSign company.

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    “Beginning with the spectrum auction in January, to the continuing battle between fourth-generation (4G) technologies LTE and WiMAX, to what it’s going to take to make converged wireless a reality, wireless will look significantly different in several critical ways one year from today,” Fuenzalida added.

    inCode also expects mobile advertising to get tremendous importance.

    The report clearly indicates that the age of wireless communication has surely set in.

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