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Top 10 Email Template Builders For Your Business Automation

email-newsletter Email template editors are essential tools for eСommerce. Today, there is a wide range of these services on the internet. But they seem similar in general. No wonder, you get confused about how to choose the best template builder for your eCommerce needs.

The choice depends on the set of features and options offered by template editors to become really user-friendly, modern, time-saving and effective. The basic features today are:

If we look closely at email builders we will see that, in fact, their features differ. That’s why we are going to make a short review and figure out their distinguishing features, pros, and cons.

Note: we will mention here only the features available with Free subscription plans.

Well, let’s get started.

1. Stripo.email

This email builder is likely to be the best of a kind, a real next-gen editor. It offers over 300 ready-to-use HTML email templates and over 10,000 images.

It has many unique features, but we’d like to start with this one:

Stripo offers drag-and-drop and HTML editors in one –  you can work with the drag-n-drop email template builder to save time on building emails, then if needed you work with the code and at the very same moment you see these changes in the WYSIWYG editor with no need to save template every time you switch between these two modes. So, you can design and insert images and videos in the drag-and-drop editor and embed interactive elements via the HTML code editor without losing precious time.

Another notable pro is advanced responsive layout implemented with an option to choose which elements you want to be displayed or hidden on the mobile version, integration with the Email on the Acid testing tool, and advanced API automation with smart blocks to create products’ modules in no time. And, last but not least, a personal content library where you can store not only the entire templates but also separate blocks to reuse in future newsletters.

Stripo is always on-time with the newest trends, so with the recent release of Google AMP technology they succeeded to react on this new wave – it provides the ability to create AMP-powered elements.

As for export, Stripo is integrated with most of world-famous ESPs and email clients, so you can export emails with one click. Moreover, templates remain editable even after exported.

2. Bee Free

This is a product of the MailUp, an online drag-and-drop email editor (also embedded in some SaaS applications) where you can craft responsive templates. They also have a blog with posts about new design ideas.

Bee Free offers about 200 templates, another good thing about them is that you start from the latest checkpoint where you stopped anytime you come back to the editor.

But the situation with export is not so good. Using a free plan you can send a test email or download a template as an HTML file with images. No direct export to ESPs.

3. Campaign Monitor

The next one is not an independent editor but an embedded part of ESP. They offer over 50 pre-designed email templates – looks like those are not enough, but in fact, the newsletters I received from them are really amazing.

Of course, no export is needed as you send email campaigns via this email service. It’s convenient. Another unique feature is the ability to create and configure mobile-friendly surveys with as many questions as you want.

4. Chamaileon

This is a brand new project of EDM Designer. Chamaileon drag-n-drop email builder offers + 100 templates, with an option to save blocks to a personal library.

Their advantage is a collaboration tool where you can add colleagues’ email addresses to send test emails to. A convenient way to approve templates.

5. GetResponse

This is another famous ESP known as the best tool for those who host webinars. They will help you with the invitation, a sequence of reminder emails, statistics, and feedback.

GetResponse offers over 500 templates, no export is needed as well as with Campaign Monitor. Their HTML editor interface is quite user-friendly. Another advantage is to blog with helpful articles regarding email marketing trends.

6. MailChimp

One more top ESPs is said to be the best for small businesses and startups. About 100 templates in its ready-to-use collection – and again, no export is required. As we can see, this is one of the built-in editor pros. As for cons, ESPs’ editors set of options is weaker because these providers are usually focused on other tasks that are connected with email message delivery.

But MailChimp has a unique feature – this is “share through socials” option. Only a few template editors can boast about something similar today.

Mailchimp’s blog is worth mentioning, too. Their posts are mostly about new features of ESP’s and employees’ experiences.

They also provide 24/7 support.

7. MailStyler2

An important note: their new website address is newslettercreator.com as it was recently updated.

This is an offline responsive template builder so you need to download and install this software to work with.

It does not offer any blog but in the “Videos” chapter of their website, you will find a tutorial on how to use this tool.

MailStyler2 offers only 8 templates, and a lot of options are available with professional version only. With Free version, you cannot export templates and even send test emails to yourself

It offers a good feature – you can “weight” the HTML code of template you crafted. It’s useful as all the email clients today have limits of email size.

You can also write texts over banners. It means that only Stripo and MailStyler2 have this feature now.

8. Mosaico

This open source builder is a project of the Italian VOXmail group, with an unusual approach to templates creation. They don’t offer any pre-designed templates but there are two structured templates instead. Choose one of them – and you’ll see that Mosaico is not a typical drag-and-drop one. You just click the block in the settings panel – and it immediately appears in your template. A bit weird… but convenient, just try!

By the way, they offer a manual on how to use their tool right in the editor. No need to surf their website.

As for export, you have to download the template as HTML file. After export, you can edit text and images.

9. Taxi for Email

This service was founded back in 2012, is a member of the DMA group. In a nutshell, their pros are:

  • Templates direct export to 15 ESPs
  • Translator that can translate your email copy automatically into a few languages from its set
  • Collaboration option to add up to 10 colleagues addresses to send test emails to
  • Direct export to Litmus to test emails before sending

I also loved their blog, it’s dedicated to different aspects of eCommerce, not only email marketing.

10. Topol.io

Last but not least is an outstanding drag-and-drop editor that offers 7 templates and some basic HTML blocks you can pull in a template.

You can export their email templates as HTML only. Then you must import/insert this HTML code into ESP you use.

Builder’s unique feature is an option to start from the checkpoint where you stopped. That is pretty convenient (same as in BEE Free).

Summing up

We have made a review of the best email template builders, in our opinion. And surveyed their advantages and disadvantages.

Now you are the only one to decide which editor meets your specific needs best.  We hope you’ll make the right choice.

Once again, here are recommended features for a modern template builder. Consider them when choosing a new email builder:

  • Responsive web design
  • Editable HTML and CSS codes to embed interactive elements
  • Wide range of pre-designed templates
  • Integration with most ESPs
  • Work automation to save time
  • File storage to reuse elements you crafted

If you have any questions or proposals, feel free to contact us.

We sincerely wish you the best of luck!