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Toolbar for IE 5.5 and 6 Launched by Rediff

Rediff Toolbar

Rediff has launched a toolbar for users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 5.5 and 6. This is surely a big move made by Rediff, as it marks the first attempt by India’s largest Internet company to go beyond being just a web portal to making web products. It is pretty much on the same lines as Google/Yahoo toolbars.

The toolbar has a Rediff search box, a pop up blocker and a news reader. Besides, the Rediff toolbar also incorporates buttons for directly accessing its classifieds, fare search, connexions, shopping sections etc.

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It is not likely that Rediff would be able to get users who switch from their usual user-friendly Google or Yahoo toolbars. However, Rediff might just be able to win over some first time users. This will happen only if Rediff is able to promote the toolbar on its website in a smart manner.

Anyhow, you should try out this tool bar, just for the pleasure of knowing that you have an Indian toolbar in your browser.

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