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TiVo Wireless N Network Adapter enhances TiVo Premiere experience

TiVo N Network Adapter TiVo has declared the availability of its Wireless N Network Adapter. With this adapter, consumers can transfer and download content within their homes at a faster speed, bringing the most out of TiVo Premiere and TiVo Premiere XL music, web and mobile feature.

The TiVo Wireless N Adapter is capable of connecting the TiVo DVR to the user’s wireless home network. Set up is made easier with a simple push button configuration while the faster speed further adds to the convenience. Users can also reap the benefits of their mobile features with TiVoToGo. They can effortlessly transfer recordings to a laptop, iPhone or other portable devices.

“The Wireless N Adapter takes your TiVo DVR broadband experience up a notch, making moving content within the home both faster and more convenient,” said TiVo Inc.’s Vice President and General Manager of Product Marketing, Jim Denney. “We’ve offered a Wireless G Adapter for many years, but just as Premiere was our first step in the next evolution of the DVR, we wanted to upgrade our total offering with the addition of a new Wireless N Adapter focused on speed and performance. We’ll continue to release accessories and features that further improve the overall customer experience, leaving the competition behind.”

It is said to be TiVo’s first adapter which takes advantage of the 802.11n networking standard. The Wireless N Adapter has been designed to offer transfer speeds across longer ranges with minimum interference. Those who don’t own an N-speed router can create a bridge and get N-speed downloads, just by plugging a second TiVo Wireless N Adapter into the G- or B-speed router.

The Wireless N Adapter offers compatibility with TiVo Premiere, TiVo HD, TiVo Series3 HD or TiVo Series2 dual-tuner DVRs. TiVo Desktop or TiVo Desktop Plus software is the pre-requisite for music, photos and TiVoToGo transfers while downloading movie and TV shows also requires a broadband Internet connection, possibly with a rental or purchase fee. Users may require TiVo Desktop Plus (sold separately) for transfers to some portable devices. The TiVo Wireless N Adapter is priced at $89.99 on TiVo.com and will later be available through Best Buy stores.