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TiVo to deliver YouTube Videos on your TV Screen

YouTube, TiVo logo Soon, video-sharing network YouTube, will no longer be just an Internet site, for the Google-owned service plans to expand to the television arena, a medium that it has helped undermine ever since its launch in 2005.

Imagine this; you sit in front of your TV, pick up the remote and watch virtually any video available on YouTube. This will become possible in late 2008 as TiVo entered into a deal with Youtube on Wednesday.

TiVo announced that it would deliver videos from YouTube directly onto TV screens via TiVo’s digital video recorders.

According to Tara Maitra, the vice president and general manager for content services at TiVo, “TiVo’s strategy is to bridge the gap between Web video and television and make as much content available as possible for our subscribers.”

This newly announced service will be available for those subscribers who have high-speed Internet access and who have TiVo Series 3 DVRs.

Users will then be able to log on to their YouTube accounts directly from their TiVo boxes.

This tie-up is not a first for YouTube, who in 2007 had partnered with Apple to make YouTube videos available on TV screens through Apple TV.