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Tips To Clear Browser Cache On Mac

clear browser cache firefox There are many reasons you might want to clear your browser cache on Mac and it can be a good idea to do it regularly to keep your device working as well as it should be.

One of the main reasons to clear it is if you are having issues with how websites are displayed or if you are using certain sites that require a cache refresh in order to function correctly.

If you have recently updated a site that you are working on, clearing your cache can also make those changes visible if they weren’t before and clear up space to help your Mac browser run that little bit faster. If you haven’t cleared your browser cache on Mac before, or just need a bit of a memory refresh, we have put together a guide to show you the best way to cache files on your device.

Why Is It A Good Idea To Clear Your Browser Cache?

clear browsing history chrome There are a host of benefits to clearing your browser cache and considering that it’s easier than ever to do so, it’s better not to delay and get it sorted as soon as you can. Some of the reasons it is beneficial to you includes:

  • It protects your personal information. If hackers or cookies are stored on your device, they could be able to access your information. By clearing your browser cache you will remove these cooking and other tracking data, making it more secure when you browse.
  • It updates your forms – If you are using an old cache of a website, you might be using old forms that aren’t as secure or as efficient. Clearing your browser cache means you are using the most updated versions.
  • It can help websites and apps run better and faster.
  1. The first thing you need to do to clear your browser cache in Mac, is to open Safari then head to the drop-down menu. From here, select “Preferences”
  2. Once you are on the preferences pop-up, go to the “advanced” tab. Find the checkbox down the bottom of the box that says “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar” – click this so it is selected and will show it, then close the window. You should now see the develop menu in the menu bar which is what you need to clear your cache.
  3. Once you have the develop drop-down menu available, click on this and find the option that says “Empty Cache.” Select this and it should delete your cache for you quickly and efficiently.
  4. Once you refresh your page, the browser cache would have been cleared, freeing up memory and making your browser run much more efficiently.
  5. Once you have completed this step, you could also choose to remove your internet and browser history.
  6. To do this, go to the “History” drop-down tab and find the option to “Clear History.” This will remove all the sites that you have looked at and interacted with recently and in the past.

Clearing your browser cache on Mac is an easy and efficient process that can have many benefits.