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Tips To Make Your NBN Connection A Lot Faster And More Reliable

nbn fttc modem Having slow or unreliable internet connections at home can be a real cause for frustration. No matter whether you are trying to work from home or you are using a streaming service, a dip in the connection or speed is the last thing that anyone wants. Australia’s broadband access network is a great option but it is not always as fast or reliable as we would like. When it comes to using NBN Perth is an area that has great coverage and which offers good speeds, but there are even some residents there who have issues around the reliability of the service.

If you have run into problems with your NBN connection, here are some ways in which you can make it faster and more reliable.

Keep it Simple

The easiest place to start here is to simply turn off the connection, restart the device and then see if the internet connection has improved. Sometimes all we need is a little reboot in order to speed up the internet.

Upgrade The Plan

Depending on what speeds your providers have told you that you can receive on your plan, you may need to upgrade if you want a faster service. The best way to check this is to run a speed test online, and see if it matches up with what your plan has told you that you should receive. Those companies which offer NBN plans will usually have a number of speed options for you depending on your needs. If things aren’t as fast as you’d like them to be, upgrade the speed.

Reassessing Your WIFI

The setup of your wifi in the home is a very technical issue indeed, and this could be the cause of your problems. Simply connecting a router and switching the power on is not the way to get the fastest internet in the home. There are multiple factors that can interrupt a signal and which can cause issues to your connection, which is why you may need to reassess the situation. Ensuring that the router is close to your devices is important here, and so too is ensuring that the signal doesn’t have to pass through too many walls. Another key feature here that could be slowing your internet down is the proximity to other wifi networks. In an apartment building, for example, multiple routers can interfere with one another and thus slow down the internet connection.

Checking The Quality of Your Router

It may well be that you need to upgrade your hardware in order to get the fastest and most reliable internet. Many make the mistake of upgrading their internet service yet fail to invest in a new router, which limits the connection speed. The latest wifi standards for a modem are that it is capable of beaming 5GHz bands and that it can support connectivity of 802.11ac. Upgrading the modem at home could be the solution to your slow internet speeds at home.

Virus Scan

Whilst it may be a rare issue, it could be that your computer or devices have been infected with viruses or malware, and this can in fact slow down internet connections. This is easily remedied by performing a full virus scan on your computer and your devices. This is good practice anyway, but if you have tried everything else to speed up the internet connection then this is worth doing, just in case, it is the issue that is causing you problems.

The internet is a vital part of lives ad whilst modern-day connections are the best that they have ever been, the internet is not infallible. Making sure that you have performed all of these checks should help you to increase the speed and the reliability which you get from your NBN connection at home. If problems persist, speak with your internet provider to try and get to the heart of the issue.