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10 Tips For Players Who Want To Win In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Tips Apex Legends is a fast-paced battle royale game, and the speed at which you have to play can make you dizzy. These tips will help you figure out the most important and challenging gameplay points.

For a long time after its release, Apex Legends held the top spot on the list of the best battle royals, and the project quickly found its fans. However, this is not the kind of game that will take you by the hand and tell you what to do.

There are no builds or personal equipment mechanics; there is only you and the loot you have to fight for. And the hallmark of Apex Legends is the speed of what’s happening on the map.

Players are constantly moving around looking for a fight that can be over in a matter of seconds. And while we can’t share absolutely all of the game’s secrets in brief — you can learn those from Apex Legends boosters within only a few hours — these ten tips are sure to help you win in Apex Legends.

Be Quick

Prioritize Fast Paced Gameplay In Apex Legends In Apex Legends, there are no strategies with builds and gear. It’s just you, your character, and whatever else you find. Sometimes, early in the game, you’ll be very unhappy with your loot, causing you to have to make some tough decisions.

Will I play with a sniper because I found more dodges? Should I keep my favorite R-301, even though it has no modifications and only 40 rounds of ammo? How much space in the gray backpack to allocate for heals and should I leave that purple magazine Prowler behind?

Depending on how lucky you are, loot management can cause you to drop out of the top five, or it can help you rank at the top. Efficient looting minimizes risk early in the game. Your priority should be high ranked gear first, followed by heals and ammo.

Try to properly prioritize, and after you’ve made a decision, stick to it. Looting till the last second, when your team is already running to the next location, makes you an easy target for a surprise attack. Sometimes the best weapon is the gun with the most attachments, not the one you like.

The less time you spend looking for prey, the less chance you have of getting shot at the most unexpected moment. This approach increases the likelihood of getting to the best weapon before your opponent does.

That being said, you have to learn how to correctly determine when it’s worth spending some time and getting a couple of extra attachments. Searching for loot is not the goal of the game, but only a way to achieve victory. So you should always run with the team, and not scramble through the crates alone.

Hide Your Weapon

Apex Wattson's Heirloom Speed is the most important thing in Apex Legends. Hell, you don’t even have to wait long to jump into a game now that Apex Legends crossplay is a thing. It’s a race from the get-go.

Running without a weapon in your hand is much faster. Provided that there are no enemies in sight, it’s practically safe.

Whether you’re trying to outrun enemies or running away from an area, you shouldn’t have a rifle in your hand! Good players put their guns away even in the middle of a fight to get to their opponent faster or to change positions.

The speed advantage allows you to retreat quickly or to scare your enemies. When you are running towards the sound of gunfire, you have to be able to join the fight before your enemies have time to regenerate health and change armor.

Don’t Prolong the Fight

Just as moths fly to the light, players in Apex Legends are always running toward the sound of gunshots. Noisy fights signal that there’s a pile of loot somewhere. And if the players are nimble enough, they usually succeed at winning some.

If the fight promises to be long, then duck down and look for good cover for protection or potential escape. Otherwise, a third squad will show up to attack your weakest opponent and get a chance to pull the blanket over you while both teams are weakened or even outnumbered.

There are situations where you defeat both of these squads only to find third, fourth and fifth squads rushing to reap your rewards. So after a fight, stay as collected as possible. Quickly hunker down and leave the scene before you get punished. Lingering fights are always a risk, especially considering how quickly heals and ammo disappear during them.

Don’t Forget to Apply Hero Skills

Apex Legends Map When you pick a legend, you get its passive skill, tactical skill, and ult. They are all quite unique, but are usually useful in combat. You shouldn’t play a hero who merely looks cool.

Playing without using skills greatly affects the success of your teamwork because each character requires a different style of play. What’s the point of playing Wattson and not putting up a goal?

Why are you picking Bloodhound if you don’t know how to use his Scan? Legends skills are an important part of Apex Legends, and finding your core character is important.

Play Different Legends

You don’t always get to choose first. There are situations where you play one character for weeks on end, and then its popularity skyrockets and for 10 games in a row, someone else manages to pick your favorite character first.

Trying out a large pool of heroes will help you avoid a situation where you’re trying to figure out the specific skills of a new legend during an important fight. Heroes differ from each other enough that lack of experience becomes a problem.

Jumping Walls

Jumping walls is a useful tool in Apex Legends, dating back to Titanfall. Remember: you run parallel to the wall, with your mouse pointing slightly inward (that is, your gaze is slightly turned towards the wall). You start gliding to gain speed, then you jump up when you come out of the glide, and in the process of jumping you abruptly turn around to face the wall.

Once you’re clinging to it, press the spacebar again, and be prepared to be surprised at the distance you’ll be able to cover. A little clarification: when you jump from sliding, you have to let go of all directional/speed keys and concentrate on pressing the spacebar and using the mouse to set the direction of the jump.

Such jumps will always be an important part of Apex Legends gameplay. It takes a little time to learn this technique, but it allows you to sharply change your position in battle or travel a great distance towards your enemy (or away from him, if you smell something bad).

This trick can be done either on the controller or on the mouse and keyboard. You gain speed, glide, jump to the wall at the right angle, release all buttons except the jump. You may need to reassign some actions to other keys, but doing this trick smoothly will benefit you greatly in the long run.

Always Stay Together With The Team

Apex Legends Apex Legends features a lot of interesting weapons, gear and other collectibles (remember Wattson’s heirloom?). Once you get all the gear you wished to obtain, problems arise. It’s rare that everyone finds the desired loot. So it’s still worth continuing your search for loot to the best of your efforts, if the situation allows it.

Always keep your teammates in sight. Timely reaction of the whole team to the appearance of the enemy will catch your opponent unawares or help buy time to retreat and survive. It is unpleasant to be one step behind and not be able to help the team when they are in a bad situation.

Don’t be Greedy

Finishing off a knocked out enemy and getting a confirmation of your skill is cool, don’t get us wrong. However, if he doesn’t have a gold shield at his disposal, the chance of a quick revival is pretty slim anyway. But he’s a hundred percent more likely to go into the lobby if you defeat his teammates.

So, if you don’t have a safe place to hide and a lot of time to kill your enemies, it’s better not to waste time on a guy who’s lying down. The exceptions are when you desperately need his loot, or there’s a Lifeline hanging around and they might be able to pick it up.

Backpack Space

apex legends map The number of available loot slots depends on the quality of the backpack you managed to find. Each level adds two extra slots to your inventory, and a gold backpack allows you to have a stack of 3 big Heals and Shields.

Any set of gear requires some sacrifice from your backpack. Two rapid-fire cannons that devour ammo at a cosmic rate won’t waste space on extra grenades if your backpack is too small.

But if you’ve found gold armor, you should wear small shield cans instead of big ones, because the recovery from them doubles. You’ll always have to sacrifice something, but a couple packs of shields and medkits and one or two grenades won’t be too much.

Be Proactive

Room ambushes don’t work in Apex Legends environments. Most squads have the ability to throw a grenade through your window, and after a while, your safe corner turns into a prison cell. Apex is a fast game in every way. Quick to bait, quick to run, quick to finish fights. In a sense, you have to attack quickly too.

Even characters with large models can gain an advantage with movement if they shoot while sliding or use trampolines to drop unexpectedly on their opponent and impose a fight. In fact, all characters in the game move at the same basic speed, even Gibraltar.

The team must act when the enemies are weakened. If an opponent’s armor is broken, it takes him 6 seconds to repair it with a big can, and in the meantime he is slowed and weakened. To slaughter such an opponent is to gain an advantage.

You can run into an unexpected ambush if you actively run towards him, but when your team keeps up (and is able to hit enemies), it’s worth taking the opportunity. Things don’t always work out well, but you should always act and look for loopholes to hit unexpectedly.