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How to charge your iPhone faster

Tips to charge iPhone faster:

iPhone Charging Tips
It’s the year 2015, major Android smartphone makers are plugging fast charging for their flagship devices. Alas, the brand new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus still don’t have such a capability. Because Apple just has to do things differently!

Why do you not have at least wireless charging in 2015, Apple? In case you’re bothered by the lack of something as basic as fast charging on the iPhone, did you know that there are several methods you can use to power up just about any model of the handset rapidly?

We’ve brought you 6 top tips for charging your iPhone faster (plus a bonus trick). Unless you find your device is heating up too quickly, don’t worry about any of the following methods causing damage to the battery inside it since the PMIC in your smartphone still has a say in how much is too much

Use a better charger:

iPad Charger

Apple officially claims its 12W, 10W and 5W iPad USB power adapters are compatible with all models of the iPhone. The 12W charger for the company’s tablets is even said to work with its smartwatch. So you can rest assured that using it for your handset won’t fry the battery inside.

The iPhone ships with 1-Amp chargers, but can handle 2.1-Amp adapters. Why not attach it to a 12W or 10W iPad charger instead to juice up the handset almost twice as fast? And for crying out loud, stop falling back on the insanely slow USB to PC connection to power it up.

Turn on airplane mode:


This is not for when you’re awaiting an urgent call or message. But if you need to fill up your iPhone’s battery real fast, switch on airplane mode. It will stop the components which enable cell phone signals, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from sucking up electricity. So more for your battery instead.

Airplane mode is also called flight, standalone or offline mode, and was introduced as a safety measure to prevent cellular signals from interfering with aircraft avionics or ground-based networks. Manufacturers can currently exempt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from being turned off in this mode.

Switch off your iPhone:

Apple iPhone
Here’s a challenge – switch off your iPhone, attach it to the charger, and give them some ‘alone time’ together. You won’t see baby iPhone-charger hybrids when you get back. But your battery will be juiced up faster than if you had kept the handset on while topping it off.

Even if you don’t use your Apple device while it’s connected to a power source, cellular signals, the display, sensors and apps running in the background will consume energy unnecessarily. And then there’s that constant temptation to take a selfie shot of your fabulous face.

Battery maintenance:

iPad And iPhone
This next tip for charging the iPhone faster comes from no other source than Apple itself. The company says it’s important to keep the electrons in its lithium-based battery moving from time to time. And who else would you take advice from, if not from the maker of your favorite smartphone?

According to Apple’s suggestion, users must put their device through a charge cycle at least once a month to keep the battery in shape. To do so, feed the cell up to 100 percent. The next step is to let it drain down to absolutely no energy, or 0 percent.

Dump your the USB to PC cable:

Apple Chargers

The most important bit of advice you’ll ever hear when it comes to recharging your iPhone as rapidly as possible is to ditch the USB/Lightning to PC cable. The USB port only delivers about half the amount of power as compared to the accompanying wall charger.

Meaning, it’ll take ages for the Apple handset’s battery to fill up. In case you have no other choice other than using such a cable, pull out other USB gadgets that are plugged to the PC and ensure that the latter does not go into hibernate or sleep mode.

Temperature matters:

iPhone Charging

You can call this point an extension of the subject on battery maintenance. Extreme temperatures are not good for your power cell. Exposing it to too hot or too cold environments degrades its ability to hold energy.

Your iPhone’s battery likes room temperature best. So don’t leave it in your hot car, in your freezer, under the direct glare of a particularly fierce afternoon sun, in a protective case that holds on to the heat and so on.

Bonus – How to supercharge your iPhone:


Have only 5 minutes at the wall outlet? You can ‘supercharge’ your iPhone by first putting it in airplane mode, taking off any protective casing you may have slipped onto it and attaching it to an iPad USB adapter. Leave the handset alone for those precious 5 minutes now.

Check out the BI Tech YouTube video for more details. For better results, switch off the iPhone completely. You should be able to top off the battery at least twice as much as normal in 5 minutes, than if you hadn’t followed the above tips.