Time Teach Clock for children to learn time

Clock, children Everyday there are articles on sophisticated gadgets that are used for either business or entertainment. Fortunately there is a new invention that will serve the purpose of educating little children. William McNay, from Ruidoso, New Mexico has invented something that will teach children one of the most important factors of life – Time.

McNay has invented a ‘Time Teach Clock’ for children in pre-kindergarten to children in third grade or those who are under-going home-schooling. The Time Teach Clock teaches users how to read an analog clock. Not only that, it also teaches names of colours, roman numbers and counting from one to 12. McNay claims that the clock can also help teach basic arithmetic.

With respect to its inspiration behind inventing the clock, McNay says “A teacher friend of mine was frustrated in trying to use provided materials to teach time at school. I offered to build a clock for her use.” Necessity is the mother of all inventions!

The tool is made of plastic and is 24 inches wide and high. The clock was invented last month in INPEX, the Invention Trade Show in America.