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Tim Cook insists Apple won’t merge macOS and iOS

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Apple is rumored to be working on a cross-platform software initiative which will allow a single app to work on macOS and iOS. However, the company’s CEO Tim Cook threw a wrench into this speculation in a new interview.

While Cook didn’t directly address this rumor, he did say a couple of interesting things about the topic. The Sydney Morning Herald asked him about the divide between macOS and iOS at the brand’s recent 9.7-inch iPad (2018) event, and the CEO said that the firm doesn’t believe in watering down one for the other.

Cook thinks both the Mac and iPad are incredible and the reason for this is that Apple pushed for each to do what they do well. If the two are merged, it would trigger trade-offs and compromises. He also acknowledged that the company would be more efficient if this were to happen, but that isn’t what the brand is aiming towards.

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In Cook’s view, Apple’s approach is to give people things they can use to express their creativity or passion. In that light, he doesn’t think this “merger thing” is what users want. His words are in contrast to a December Bloomberg article which claimed that the iPhone maker was working on a project called Marzipan which would let iOS apps run on Macs.

Developers would thus be able to design one app and have it work with a touchscreen or mouse and trackpad. This could still happen of course, since it doesn’t involve blending iOS and macOS together. Its core focus is on making the two play nice with each other.