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Tim Cook apologizes, promises update to disable iPhone throttling

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has offered a bit of a mea culpa to its customers over slowing down their iPhones, apologizing to those who think it had sinister motivations. He’s offering the same explanation as before, asserting that it only did what it did to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Cook told ABC News that the focus was on user experience and admitted that it wasn’t clear about what its software updates were doing. This has been a big sticking point with consumers, many of whom upgraded to new iPhones when they could have just replaced their worn-out battery instead.

Apple’s atoned for its mistake by slashing the cost of replacement iPhone batteries around the world. Cook thinks this is more rational than just offering free batteries since a majority of people expect to get a new battery at some point in time.

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Cook also commented on the possibility of a cheaper iPhone in the future, saying that he believes the handset to be priced at a level consistent with the value of the device given all the innovation stuffed inside its body. The statement doesn’t give away much, so don’t hold out too much hope of a more affordable offering from the firm any time soon.

Apple had previously promised to release software to allow owners to get an insight into how healthy their battery is. Cook has now confirmed that this tool will be coming next month in a developer release before it’s rolled out to the public in March. The update will clearly tell individuals when their iPhone is being throttled to stop shutdowns.

Not only that, but they’ll also be allowed to turn the slowdown off and restore their iPhone to full performance. Cook isn’t recommending this though, given the risk of the smartphone dying randomly.

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