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5 Thunderbird Alternatives

If it’s a list of Thunderbird alternatives you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right webspace. We’ve taken the liberty to line up a whole bunch of desktop email applications that will satisfy all your online messaging as well as communication needs. After glancing at the acme choices, we’re sure you’ll find one that will definitely fit the bill. So without further ado, here is our selection.

1 – Windows Live Mail:

Windows Live Mail

As you might have already guessed, Windows Live Mail emerges from the house of Microsoft and is noted to be the successor to Windows Mail and Outlook Express. Here you’ll be treated to multiple email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!, among others all lined up in one place. The developer has even thrown in a calendar for keeping track of important dates and sending reminders via email, Messenger or mobile devices.

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What’s more, you’ll also be able to tweak events and gain access to older messages and marked dates on the calendar while offline. As far as email security is concerned, it proffers spam filters and the ability to block the sender with just a click of a button. You can avail of this option through the Windows Essentials suite.

2 – eM Client:

eM Client 5

eM Client our programs like Thunderbird roster is your one-stop-shop especially if you’re using Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. It proffers complete synchronization with a host of services such as AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail. So all your emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and GTalk get seamlessly synchronized with these popular clients. You even have the ability to import all your content from Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail or even the client that’s in the spotlight here. Through this service, you’ll be able to zero in on any specific contact, email or attachment within a matter of a few seconds, all thanks to the quick full-text search facility.

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Some of its other plus points include a full-featured calendar interface, signatures, and templates, global folders, categories/tags for messages and the ability to translate messages into a variety of languages directly within the email editor. Customizable widgets and Skype integration are a few of the other interesting inclusions. And although this one is free of cost for home use, there’s even a Pro version that’s priced at just under $50.

3 – Pegasus Mail:


Also known as PMail, Pegasus Mail is the brainchild of David Harris and hit the virtual scene nearly 23 years ago. As the maker reveals, this option can be employed by either just one or many individuals on a single PC or local area networks. It runs on Windows-infused PCs and comes packed to the hilt with some pretty decent features. For one, it protects you from HTML-borne viruses and Trojans as well as safeguards your privacy.

The slew of attributes also includes mail and Bayesian filtering, content control, MailMerge, multiple folder formats, message editor, automatic listing and a rich plug-in interface. You can also glance at your folders in either classic or multi-pane mode. And since it’s small and quick, you’ll be able to leave it permanently running on your PC and get alerts when a new mail arrives.

4 – Opera Mail:


This next inclusion in our software similar to Thunderbird array claims to put a complete communication tool in the palm of your hands. The Opera Mail email client can be embedded directly within your favorite browser and helps sort out your messages and even organize indexes for a smooth emailing experience. For quick glances of the messages that matter to you, this option comes to the forefront with offline access, a low bandwidth mode and the ability to work with different email accounts.

Then there are other features like auto-sort, smart spam filter, and smarter labels and views to avail of right here. This delight is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

5 – EssentialPIM:


Want a virtual solution that will perfectly help you manage tasks, contacts, notes, appointments, emails, and passwords across a host of devices? Well, EssentialPIM in our programs like Thunderbird roundup can aid you in this endeavor, all thanks to its basket of features. The flexible client seamlessly syncs with Android, MS Outlook/Exchange, iOS, Windows Mobile and cloud services such as iCloud, Google, Toodledo, Memotoo, Everdroid and Yahoo!. Furthermore, the mobile version lets you stay connected to the things that matter the most even while on the go.

Coming to the security aspect, data can be encrypted by utilizing standard AES 256-bit key. Blessed with a clean interface, it also sports multiple features, multilingual support and plenty of customizable keyboard shortcuts. Now while this one is free to acquire, there is also a Pro version that proffers a host of other goodies. The price of this edition starts at just under $40.


The open-source email client from the house of Mozilla was in the news just last year. It made headlines when the company expressed that it wasn’t going to add more features to it in the future. And although this doesn’t mean that the cross-platform email client is shutting down, there have been many who are looking out for Thunderbird alternatives. And that’s exactly what we’ve provided right here. They each come with their own set of attributes that might just catch your fancy. So which one will you opt for? Do let us know by jotting down your comments in the box situated just below.