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This new Samsung monitor will charge your phone wirelessly

Those with cluttered workspaces will gladly agree to swap their wall chargers for wireless ones, but what if they can go a step further and replace those as well? Samsung has come up with a new PC monitor that possesses a wireless charger in its stand for added convenience.

All you need to do in order to juice up your Qi-supporting device is place it on the Samsung monitor’s arched stand and forger about any pesky cables you have on your desk. As long as the screen is on, your smartphone will keep being charged wirelessly.

The new monitor from the South Korean giant comes in the form of two differently sized models. While one among them offers a 24-inch 1080p full HD screen and is named S24E370DL, the other one grabs a 27-inch 1080p full HD panel and the model name S27E370DS.

Samsung Monitor

Both these Samsung monitors feature wide viewing angles of 178 degrees moreover. They bear a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and come fitted with one HDMI (1.4), one DP (1.2) and 1 D-Sub port on each of them.

These new products feature an eye-saver mode that optimizes picture quality to match specific environmental settings. This leads to reduction in the harmful effects of blue light on viewers’ eyes. There’s even a flicker-free function which looks to protect your eyes from the strain of flickering screens.

Samsung Monitor Front

Gamers have something to smile about as well, for these new offerings kick in support for AMD FreeSync technology. It allows the monitor to synchronize the screen refresh rate with the frame rate of the graphics card to minimize input latency and reduce stutter and lag while gaming.

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There’s no word on the pricing and availability details of these two new Samsung monitors as yet.