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This life-size R2-D2 will bring your beer to you

Your Star Wars marathons will never be the same again if you own this new life-size R2-D2 robot which also happens to be a mini refrigerator. Not surprisingly, it’s going to be extremely difficult and pricey to buy one for yourself, as it is supposed to be sold only in Japan and that too at an equivalent cost of a whopping $9000.

When converted, it comes up to Rs 5.8 lakhs or up to 8100 Euros if you’re from the European part of the globe. So, just true Star Wars fans who are not only capable of pay for its full price but also its shipping and importing costs will be the ones who will be able to own this new R2-D2 fridge.

The remote-controlled android can move forward and backward, while it can even rotate in order to turn. Moreover, it even has its trademark rotating head and blinking lights on it. It does lack the ability to project holograms and provide artificial intelligence, which are the main functions of the original R2-D2, but no one is complaining.

R2-D2 Fridge

As revealed by Engadget, this new product has been made by Haier Asia, and is available for pre-order right now in Japan. It will begin shipping this December, just in time for the launch of the year’s most awaited film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Keep in mind though that the fridge on this machine is pretty small in size, with space for just two or three cans of beer at the most.

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To know more about this life-size R2-D2 refrigerator and also to pre-order it if you’re living in Japan, you can visit this website right now.