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This is what Android N’s notification shade and quick settings panel will look like

Notification Shade

This May, Google will unveil the N (wonder what sweet treat it will choose this time) version of its Android software, which means it’s high time leaks and speculations about its features begin creeping out. We have stumbled across a report now which tells us that the company will apparently be redesigning the notification shade as well as the quick settings panel on the interface.

Do note that this information is based on an early build of Android N, and the images below are mere mockups created from the available details. The first thing you’ll see in the new notifications panel is that all the notifications are merged with each other, with just a barely visible line separating them.

The notifications are full-width and each of them shows which app is responsible for it, which is not the case with Marshmallow. In the current version of Android, notifications only have colors in the app icons, but it seems, the N version will be able to show some limited color text elements, as reported by Android Police.

Quick Settings

A huge addition seems to be a minimal quick settings panel that appears with the first downward swipe rather than the second. This basically results in you being able to access toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more in the notifications shade itself. That does not mean that the regular quick settings menu will be vanishing though.

As you can see in the second image, it is quite intact with an ‘Edit’ menu grabbing the limelight. This is most likely the System UI changer which is available in Marshmallow in the form of an Easter Egg. The two tiny dots at the bottom of the quick settings panel indicate that there will be more than one page available for users.

Two previous reports about Android N have indicated that this software will be giving the app drawer a complete miss, while it will be adding a side-menu in the Settings section. This software is expected to be unveiled in May this year at the Google I/O, so stay tuned until then.