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This iPhone 6S clone from China costs just $37

All the rage among Apple fans at the moment is the iPhone 6S which can be purchased at $649 in the United States. What if we told that that a device that looks exactly the same can be purchased in China in exchange of mere $37?

No kidding; there’s a copy of the Apple device which is available in the Asian country at that exact price. On the outside, it’s a proper lookalike of the iPhone 6S, but the part that’s not visible to everyone – the inside – is where the compromise happens in order to keep the cost down.

As you can see in the video down below, which comes from the YouTube channel ‘ARMdevices.net,’ this particular iPhone clone has three color variants that match the shades which the original device is dressed in. The presenter also mentions that you can even get an Apple logo embossed on it.

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iPhone 6S Clone

As you probably may have guessed, there’s no iOS 9 onboard this device. The software is a heavily skinned version of Android that’s made to look like iOS. The phone carries on its front a 5-inch qHD display, and runs on a quad core ARM Cortex-A7 Spreadtrum SC7731 processor.

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There’s just 512MB worth of RAM inside it, apart from 4GB worth of storage space which can be expanded by means of a microSD card slot. It has even been mentioned that the device comes with a removable back for accessing its battery and its 3G-supporting dual SIM slots.

YouTube video

That makes it clear that the device is just comes close to appearing like an iPhone 6S, but is nowhere close what the Apple smartphone offers in terms of features.

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