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Thinnest 256GB SSD measuring only 12.5mm, being shipped by Super Talent

Super Talent SSD Drive

Storage developer Super Talent is all set to flaunt its talent by shipping the world’s thinnest 256GB SSD Drive. This uber-slim drive measures only 12.5mm, making it as much as 40% thinner than any other 256GB SSD.

This drive (model no. FSD56GC25H) employs an industry standard 2.5-inch hard drive form factor and uses an industry standard SATA-I interface, making it 100% interchangeable with usual 2.5-inch SATA hard drives. This SSD applies Super Talent’s patented stacking technology to bundle in a huge amount of solid state storage into an unbelievably small and slim case, measuring a mere 12.5mm thick.

The drive’s chic-looking black case is made from a durable lightweight aluminum alloy. Super Talent marketing director Joe James said, “We designed this drive for applications that need rugged and reliable storage in a very compact form factor.” Adding, “This product underscores our leadership in high density SSDs and demonstrates the technical capabilities of our Silicon Valley engineering team.”

Super Talent’s FSD56GC25H drive supports 0.1ms access times, a maximum of 65MB/sec sequential read speed and 50MB/sec sequential write speed. This SSD supports up to 1600G of shock and 16G of vibration, which is approx. five times greater than typical hard drives. The latest FSD56GC25H drives consume up to 85% less power than a conventional spinning hard disk drive, making it possible for users to enjoy an extended battery life and less heat build-up.

At present there is no information on Super Talent’s FSD56GC25H drive’s pricing, as the drive is currently shipping exclusively to original equipment manufacturers.