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Thinner MacBooks with glass trackpads from Apple?

Are you anticipating a next-generation series of MacBooks? Then try imagining them with a glass trackpad. Frankly, people are fascinated with the glass surface (no wonders why iPhone is so loved for its looks) and we would love to see the glistening laptops.

MacBookNote: the trackpad is made out of glass, the laptop does not feature touchscreen.

According to the rumors afloat on the net, MacBooks will now be featuring a glass trackpad and they will be even more thinner! (Shall we anticipate a size zero in laptops category as well?)

And there is an added new feature to the successors of MacBook Air. The whole body of the new laptops will be framed out of a single aluminum sheet. This makes them robust and eco-friendly.

The aspect ratio of the rumored laptops is 16:9, thereby making them bigger, upto 14 inch and 15.6 inch. The resolutions may vary though. It seems that the laptops will also feature Intel Centrino 2.

The glossy glassy super-thin laptop is predicted to be released by the end of September.