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17 Best ThinkGeek Alternatives: Ultimate Guide To Geek Shopping

ThinkGeek Alternatives ThinkGeek was a one-stop-shop for all the geeks and tech enthusiasts out there. The online store offered a wide range of products, including gadgets, collectibles, clothing, toys, and games, all designed to cater to the nerdy community.

Sadly, after the popular virtual store was shut down, many loyal customers were left wondering where to go. A lot of online stores sprung up to serve as ThinkGeek alternatives that offer similar products and services.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the top sites like ThinkGeek to satisfy your inner geek, and also talk about what makes each of them stand out.

There really is no shortage of specialized stores that will cater to your love for pop culture, the latest gadgets or unique collectibles.

From quirky gadgets to nerdy apparel to exclusive subscription boxes, these contenders ensure that the spirit of ThinkGeek lives on.

So, strap in and join us on this journey as we explore these treasure troves of geekdom.

Best ThinkGeek Alternatives To Feed Your Geeky Obsessions In 2023

1 – Entertainment Earth

entertainment earth Entertainment Earth is among the best ThinkGeek alternatives, specializing in pop culture collectibles, action figures, and some really cool stuff overall if you’re looking for unique gift ideas.

Their extensive product range includes items from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Funko and more. They even cater to the anime crowd with some amazing stuff for Naruto, One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen and Dragon Ball fans, for starters.

Some of its key features include:

  • Exclusive items and limited-edition collectibles
  • A user-friendly website with easy navigation
  • A “Mint Condition Guaranteed” for collectors
  • 90-day return policy

2 – Firebox

firebox Firebox offers an eclectic mix of products for tech enthusiasts and pop culture fans alike.

This UK-based online shop serves up geeky toys, cool gadgets, unique electronic gifts, and personalized items.

The highlights of Firebox include:

  • A diverse selection of products, from geeky gadgets to hilarious novelty items
  • Worldwide shipping
  • A dedicated section for unique and customizable gifts

3 – BoxLunch

boxlunch BoxLunch is a socially responsible site that donates a portion of their sales to Feeding America.

This retailer offers a wide range of pop culture merchandise, including apparel, lifestyle accessories, and collectibles.

The notable features of BoxLunch are:

  • A commitment to giving back, with a meal donated for every $10 spent
  • Licensed merchandise from popular franchises
  • Exclusive BoxLunch-branded products

4 – Wish.com

Wish Wish.com is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of products at highly competitive and reasonable prices.

While not exclusively focused on geeky items, you can find a variety of gadgets, toys, and novelty items that cater to different interests here.

The highlight of this site include:

  • Affordable prices on various products
  • A mobile app for convenient shopping
  • Regular promotions and discounts

5 – SuperHeroStuff

superherostuff SuperHeroStuff is a site like ThinkGeek that’s dedicated to superhero enthusiasts.

This online store offers an extensive range of licensed merchandise such as T-shirts, other clothing and accessories, collectibles and home goods.

SuperHeroStuff is great because it offers:

  • An impressive collection of superhero-themed items
  • Regular sales and discounts
  • A user-friendly website with a dedicated “Deals” section

6 – NeatoShop

neatoshop NeatoShop offers unique, artist-designed apparel and accessories. This quirky online store features an impressive selection of pop culture, geek, and fandom-inspired designs.

The key features of NeatoShop are:

  • Supports independent artists
  • High-quality, vibrant prints on apparel and accessories
  • A vast selection of designs catering to various interests

7 – Forbidden Planet

forbidden planet ForbiddenPlanet is based in the UK, and known for its vast collection of comic books, graphic novels, action figures, and collectibles.

Some of its standout features include:

  • A strong focus on comic books and related merchandise
  • Exclusive, limited-edition items
  • Worldwide shipping

8 – Sideshow

sideshow Sideshow is a premium site specializing in high-quality collectibles, statues, and action figures.

This online retailer offers items from popular names like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and more.

The notable aspects of Sideshow include:

  • Impeccable attention to detail in their products
  • Exclusive, limited-edition collectibles
  • Flexible payment plans for expensive items

9 – Hot Topic

hot topic Hot Topic is a popular ThinkGeek alternative, offering an array of pop culture and music-inspired merchandise.

This retailer carries a wide range of apparel, accessories, and collectibles.

The talking points of Hot Topic are:

  • A mix of mainstream and niche pop culture items
  • Frequent promotions and discounts
  • Physical store locations in addition to their online presence

10 – Geek Store

geekstore Geek Store is a store like ThinkGeek, offering gaming, movie, and TV-inspired merchandise.

This online retailer provides a variety of products, including clothing, accessories, and home goods.

The key features of GeekStore include:

  • A focus on gaming and pop culture merchandise
  • Regular sales and promotions
  • Worldwide shipping

11 – Toynk Toys

toynk Toynk Toys specializes in collectible toys, action figures, and other pop culture merchandise.

This online store offers a diverse selection of products for all kinds of fandoms.

The standout aspects of ToynkToys are:

  • A wide range of collectible toys and figures
  • Licensed merchandise from popular franchises
  • Frequent discounts and promotions

12 – BigBadToyStore

bigbadtoystore As you cam tell from the name, BigBadToyStore focuses on action figures, statues, and collectibles.

This online retailer lists a wide array of items from popular franchises.

The notable features of BigBadToyStore include:

  • An impressive inventory of collectibles and action figures
  • A user-friendly website with advanced search options
  • A “Pile of Loot” system that allows customers to save on shipping

13 – Think Gizmos

thinkgizmos Think Gizmos offers an assortment of gadgets, toys, and novelty items. This geeky store provides a variety of products designed to entertain and inspire creativity.

The key features of ThinkGizmo include:

  • A diverse selection of gadgets and toys for all ages
  • Unique and innovative products
  • Regular updates with new and exciting items

14 – Sharper Image

sharper image Sharper Image is a well-known online store that offers high-quality gadgets, electronics, and unique gifts.

Although not solely focused on geeky items, it carries a variety of intriguing products that cater to tech enthusiasts.

The standout aspects of this store are:

  • A reputation for high-quality, innovative products
  • A broad range of gadgets, electronics, and gifts
  • Detailed product descriptions and customer reviews

15 – DealExtreme (DX.com)

dealextreme DealExtreme, also known as DX.com, is an online marketplace offering a vast selection of gadgets, electronics, and other products at competitive prices.

While not exclusively catering to computer geeks, DealExtreme carries a variety of items that appeal to tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers.

The notable features of DealExtreme include:

  • Affordable prices on a wide range of products
  • An extensive selection of gadgets, cheap electronics, and novelty items
  • Worldwide shipping and regular promotions

16 – McPhee

McPhee McPhee, also known as Archie McPhee, is a quirky online retailer offering an array of offbeat toys, novelties, and gifts.

This site is perfect for those who appreciate online shopping for weird and awesome stuff that’s not necessarily tech related.

It’s definitely a little different from most other websites attempting to elbow each other out of the way for the title of the best ThinkGeek alternative.

The key features of McPhee include:

  • A wide selection of eccentric and unconventional products
  • Unique, hard-to-find items
  • A fun shopping experience with humorous product descriptions

17 – LootCrate

lootcrate LootCrate is a subscription box service catering to fans of geek culture, gaming, and pop culture.

Each month, subscribers receive a curated box filled with exclusive collectibles, apparel, and other themed items.

The highlights of LootCrate include:

  • Monthly themed boxes with a variety of merchandise
  • Exclusive and limited-edition items
  • Customizable subscriptions based on your interests


Q: What happened to ThinkGeek?

A: ThinkGeek, a beloved online retailer famous for specializing in geek culture merchandise and products for computer enthusiasts, closed its standalone website in June 2019.

The closure came as a result of a strategic business decision made by its parent company, GameStop, which aimed to streamline its operations and consolidate its online presence.

After the closure of the website, the brand was integrated into GameStop’s famous online store and physical locations.

The leading video game retailer now offers a selection of ThinkGeek products on its website and in its brick-and-mortar locations.

The merger allowed GameStop to expand its product offerings to include more pop culture, gaming, and geek culture merchandise, while also providing ThinkGeek’s loyal customer base with a platform to continue purchasing their favorite items.

Despite the closure of its standalone website and physical stores, ThinkGeek’s brand and products remain accessible through GameStop.

Fans of of the site can still find a curated selection of geeky items, including clothing, gadgets, toys, collectibles, and home goods inspired by popular movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games here.

Additionally, GameStop’s customer service has absorbed ThinkGeek’s customer service, handling any inquiries or concerns regarding Think Geek products.

While ThinkGeek’s dedicated website no longer exists, its spirit lives on through GameStop and the numerous options that have emerged to cater to the ever-growing demand for unique and engaging geek culture merchandise.

Q: Is it safe to purchase from ThinkGeek alternatives?

A: As with any online purchase, it’s important to be cautious and research the site before making a purchase.

The e-commerce websites on this list have favorable customer reviews and a wide range of products tailored for tech geeks.

Q: Are there any downsides to using alternative sites?

A: While there are many benefits to using alternative sites, there may be some downsides to consider.

For example, some sites may have higher shipping costs or longer delivery times than ThinkGeek did.


ThinkGeek may be gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your geeky passions while shopping online. Every ThinkGeek alternative mentioned above offers a plethora of unique products catering to various interests.

Whether you’re a fan of comic books, video games, or pop culture in general, these websites like ThinkGeek will undoubtedly provide you with an interesting shopping experience. So go ahead, and let your inner geek run free.

Disclaimer: We have done our best to check whether the alternatives mentioned above are official sources of licensed merchandise based on the information provided by the websites or merchants in question. However, we cannot verify or guarantee the quality of goods and services offered by the websites or merchants appearing on this list. It is for informational purposes only.