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Things just got real: Moto X now has wooded back option

A promise is a promise they say, but hopeful buyers of the wood-backed Moto X have had to wait for a pretty long for Motorola to deliver on its word. Now however, they can snag one for themselves through the Moto Marker website, and there are a few surprises this development has brought along with it as well.

While we knew that some kind of a premium cost will be applied to these wooden backs – now available only the Bamboo design option – it was certainly not expected to be $100 more than the official price. And then, its expected delivery period is about two weeks ahead from now, which means you won’t be able to wrap it as a Christmas gift this year.

Bamboo Moto X

And even if you decide to get over these facts and order for yourselves one, it’s too late now. The Bamboo version of the Moto X has already been sold out on the Moto Maker website. There’s no word right now about when it will be back in stock as well as on when the rosewood, teak and ebony backs will be made available.

Unveiled in August this year, the Motorola Moto X was made available for purchase in September with its ultra-customizable bodies. It carries on itself a 4.7-inch HD display, and offers a 10.5MP camera as well. A 1.7GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor powers its operations with assistance from 2GB of RAM and a quad core Adreno 320 GPU. 16GB and 32GB storage options are purchasable.

Like we said, the wooden backed Moto X has been sold out on the Moto Maker site, but hopefuls can expect it to be back online soon.