7 Things Apple iOS Stole From Android

2An open and more versatile Siri


Siri is one of the most important components of iOS, but it faces stiff competition from the likes of Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Now. This year, Apple has focused on making its service more intelligent, and in the process, it has opened it up for developers.

What that effectively means is that Siri can now tap into other apps for making your lives easier. You can ask the assistant to send a WhatsApp message to your mom, book an Uber ride for you or reserve a table for two via OpenTable.

Google’s Android apps already do this, making it yet another feature that Apple has grabbed from it. And there’s more! One of Google Now’s most loved traits is its ability to look into your emails and create cards and event suggestions based on your conversations with people.

So, if you’ve been talking to someone about a Chinese restaurant, and decide upon a date and time to visit it, Google Now will present a card to instantly create an event for the same. And it will have all the necessary details pre-filled; so all you have to do is tap Yes or No. You guessed it right, iOS 10’s Siri has received a similar feature.

An expanded Maps experience

Apple Maps
Apple has learned a lot from the infamous Apple Maps debacle from 3 years ago. With subsequent releases and finally iOS 9, this service improved a great deal and can actually be used by owners of iDevices for satisfying their navigating and mapping needs.

iOS 10 adds a number of new features to Apple Maps. It now shows traffic information during a navigation session, allowing you to plan your route based on how crowded the road ahead is. With the help of new quick controls inside the app, you can add stops on your route for filling up your fuel tank or grabbing a quick bite.

Android’s Google Maps has both these features. Another such similarity is that iOS 10’s Apple Maps enables third-party integration; so utilities like Uber and OpenTable can allow you to book rides or tables without leaving the app.

This still doesn’t bring Apple’s service on par with Google’s though. Traits like your entire day’s travel log, support for offline maps and a host of other features still give the search giant’s service an advantage over that of Apple’s.