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Thieves steal $100k worth of Apple products by rappelling through roof

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Thieves are getting better and better at stealing iPhones, from using drones to executing daring truck heists. A new case takes things to the next level with a Mission Impossible-style burglary in the US.

WSBTV reports that thieves broke into a Best Buy outlet in Georgia by rappelling through a hole in the store’s ceiling, comparing it to Tom Cruise in the original Mission: Impossible movie. Once inside, the criminals apparently burrowed into a storage room.

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Police Investigation into iPhone Burglary

They then proceeded to steal thousands of iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads worth more than $100k. The police are now on the hunt for the culprits. They say the heist was similar to incidents which took place in Texas and Florida and are now trying to determine if the cases are linked.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be surveillance video of the suspects since there was no camera inside. The police is still looking for footage of the thieves entering the store. They’re also keeping an eye on the stolen goods in case any of them end up for sale.

Apple products are often the target of robbers because of their high value. A group of Chinese smugglers got busted earlier this year ferrying iPhones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen using drones. The gang managed to transport over 15000 units a night using this innovative method.

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In the end, $79.8 million worth of iPhones made their way across the border before the operation ended. In the US, a group of robbers took off with $370000 worth of iPhone X units in a UPS truck. The incident took place outside a San Francisco Apple Store the night before the handset went up for sale.

Apple recently came out with a new measure to prevent cops and criminals from hacking an iPhone. Dubbed USB Restricted Mode, it shuts down the Lightning port if the smartphone hasn’t been unlocked in an hour. This prevents them from breaking into the device using machines like the GrayKey.

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