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Thief dressed as Apple employee walks off with $16000 in iPhones

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You’d think stealing an iPhone would require a lot of planning and evading of high-tech security, but a new report reveals that it’s a lot simpler than that. All you’d need is the right T-shirt and the confidence to come across as an Apple Genius store employee.

A pair of thieves in New York did exactly that and got away with a haul of iPhones worth $16130. As per DNAinfo, a man dressed like an Apple worker walked right into the brand’s SoHo outlet in New York on June 1 and proceeded to head directly into the electronics repair room.

He must have looked the part, because he apparently managed to grab over 19 iPhones from a drawer inside the room. Transporting these outside the shop didn’t prove to be a hassle either, as the thief and his partner in crime just stuffed the handsets under the latter’s shirt.

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The main question of the hour is how exactly the two were able to get away with stealing that many iPhones in a crowded shop. An unnamed source from the store apparently told the New York Post that the outpost is commonly used as a training location by Apple. This essentially means that no one would question an unfamiliar face as long as they were wearing the uniform.

The entire operation is laughably straightforward and may be part of a larger series of bizarrely simple heists targeting Apple stores in New York. Back in March, the New York Post highlighted two separate instances where the company’s Upper West Side outlet was hit in a similar fashion just a few weeks apart.

The first occurred in February when a woman disguised an Apple employee stole 8 iPhones while a male accomplice distracted the shop’s actual employees. The second happened in March when a trio stole 59 iPhones worth $44000 using the same con.