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These are some of the most interesting online businesses right now

It seems that in 2018, if your business isn’t online, then you’re at a significant disadvantage. There’s no denying that the e-shopping juggernaut will keep on going, and even though the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Apple take up a large chunk of the online sales, there’s always room for other businesses to squeeze in and make a name for themselves. Show customers that you’ve got something interesting to provide and they will respond with their credit cards.


The companies making waves are very easy to spot in the online world, but if you haven’t yet heard of them, then it’s about time you did.

Warby Parker


It’s clear as day that the idea of going to an optician to buy your glasses is just not feasible anymore. Shoppers can feel immense pressure of having an employee look at you while you try on pair after pair of glasses, especially when you’re really not sure if they suit you in when in the bright lights of the store. Warby Parker’s idea that you can try on up to five different frames in the comfort of your own home or outside is something truly revolutionary. It can take some time to get used to new frames, and a few minutes in a store is never enough. You either keep the glasses you like or send them all back and try again. The frames are seriously cool, too.



Just like the landline, some things are so outdated. It does seem crazy that you would order a DVD, get your shopping done, and even buy music all from the internet, yet still go out of your way to visit a printing shop when you need posters or flyers. Thousands upon thousands of people will still be doing that, yet there are many who are shifting online to Saxoprint. Getting posters printed and sent to your home or business is much more preferable, especially when you can control everything from the print run, size, color, material, etc. from the drop-down menus. The fact that you wouldn’t have to carry hundreds of posters from the shop doesn’t hurt, either.



Finally, who said every online business had to have a product to send? Skillshare has changed the art of education by providing online classes on a huge range of subjects, including design, business, technology, photography, film, and writing. The teachers are always experts in their field, and every class you take is completely online. If you choose the annual plan, you pay roughly $9 a month and have access to more than 21,000 classes. This notion suits the lifestyles of people who can’t always make it to a specific place at a certain time, and really destroys the concept of learning in a physical classroom.