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There’s an app that helps you search new mobile apps, it’s called Tappd

If you haven’t already heard of Tappd, it’s an application currently designed for the iOS platform that helps you discover new applications. There’s an app for almost everything nowadays and the sheer number of options available is making it hard to find fresh and unique ones. Current app stores such as Google Play, iTunes and Windows Store do help users discover new content, but you mostly find stuff from popular developers and those paying to get promoted.

This release from Australia-based developer Burst2Life wants to make it convenient to explore new apps across various categories. Tappd offers a view of what applications are hot and trending amongst users, and you’ll also be able to see what stuff your friends have downloaded or are recommending. Suggestions are also provided based on feedback from experts and users. Tappd lets you search for new apps as well. You can filter them by using names, locations and hashtags.


The content that’s displayed on your feed can also be personalized to show only stuff that you’re interested in. For example, you can choose to get recommendations in select categories like education, business, books, entertainment, finance and more. Then, there’s the daily ‘Tapp’ which are suggestions directly from the developer. Tappd even lets you share and recommend applications with others by commenting on what makes them unique and worth downloading.

As mentioned above, Tappd is currently available only on iOS and it’s free (you can grab it here). However, Burst2life is also working on Android and Windows versions, both of which are expected to arrive soon.