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Best Buy is offering a $50 discount on the iPhone 5C, but only for a limited time

Those who have been waiting to lay their hands on the iPhone 5C should head over to the Best Buy stores right away as the retailer is offering a $50 discount on the device, but only for a limited time. It is applicable on the handset selling for $99, which means only the 16GB version of the phone.

The guys over at Cult of Mac have reported that in order to make the most of the deal, you will have to walk in to a Best Buy retail store. But don’t think you just have to pay $50 for the colorful Apple gadget. You are required to shell out the entire amount and the shop will hand you a gift card worth $50.

iPhone 5C

It should be noted that nothing has been mentioned about the 32GB variant of the iPhone 5C, so you won’t be getting any mail-in rebates if you opt for this model. And for those who are more interested in Android phones, the offer has been extended to the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. This device is priced at $199 and you get the same $50 gift card on purchasing it.

This is probably one of the very first few deals for the iPhone 5C and considering that the holiday season will be kicking off very soon, users are likely to be treated to a lot more of these. The Best Buy offer on the device is valid only until this Sunday, that’s October 6, so prospective customers will have to hurry. The 32GB model of the 5C is available for a price of $199 too.