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The World’s Most Famous Cricket Players And The Tech Companies Who Work With Them

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With over 197 million households having access to a television set in India, commercials featuring the country’s most important athletes can be powerful marketing tools.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India

Everyone that knows anything about the world of cricket knows that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the most talented players the sport has ever seen. MS Dhoni, as he is commonly known, captained the Indian national team and won multiple titles while leading, including the 2010 and 2016 Asia Cups, as well as the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

A well loved athlete in his home country of India and all around the world, Dhoni is widely regarded as one of the best wicket-keeper batsmen in the history of cricket. Titles like these sure do come with their fair share of benefits, and it’s no surprise that the Jharkhand native is one of the richest cricket players in the world.

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His salary is complimented by many endorsements in the tech world, including Exide Batteries and Sony Bravia. The cricket legend is also the new face of “I’m In” skills and thrills games under PokerStars’ new campaign. In several entertaining commercials which headline the campaign, Dhoni plays the strategic game with three Indian users of different backgrounds, and uses his platform to showcase how anyone can engage in poker, even if against a famous sports personality. His presence in each of these tech brands has greatly excited consumers, as the incredible star, now retired, will live on in fame and fortune.

Virat Kohli, India

Team India captain Virat Kohli is the true king of endorsements. With over 17 brands and counting, the cricket star is the sport’s highest paid athlete, raking in $28 million annually, with $24 million coming from sponsorship earnings.

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Fans may know him for his work with Puma and Audi, but the New Delhi native has also partnered with big names in the tech business, such as Uber and Google. Earlier this year, he signed another contract with iQOO, the Chinese smartphone company that recently entered into the Indian market.

His presence in various Uber campaigns, such as the advertisement launched by Ogilvy India, has spread excitement all over the country. The 30-second commercial is an inspirational story about how Uber users of all backgrounds fight to make something of their lives. The campaign, entitled “Badhte Chalein” (move forward in Hindi), aims to position Uber as a brand that enables opportunities not only for their drivers, but also their riders. Kohli helped greatly to make the campaign a success. He will most likely be used in more Uber ads, as the company continues to evolve and introduce exciting new technologies.

The game of cricket was introduced by the English, later reaching New Zealand and South Africa in the 19th centur

Shahid Afridi, Pakistan

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Over the years, telecommunication companies continue to use famous athletes in their ads, and Shahid Afridi’s partnership with the consumer electronics company Q Mobile is no exception. The company has also used other famous players of the sport, such as Misbah ul Haq, Ahmad Shahzad, and Umar Akma.

With various endorsements like these, and even his own clothing brand, Afridi has a net worth of $30 million. The star’s income and sponsorship earnings make him the highest paid Pakistan cricketer in the sport.

Suresh Raina, India

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The former international cricketer Suresh Raina is considered to be one of the best fielders in the history of the sport. With prestige like that, it’s no surprise that Raina has worked with many brands over the years. Among these are the mobile network company Aircel, as well as BharatPe, a leading fintech company based in India.

In fact, BharatPe just recently announced their launch of a new TV campaign that is set to feature 11 cricketers, Raina being one of them. Set to run through television networks, as well as social media and radio, the campaign’s goal is to raise awareness of different financial products for small business owners in India. BharatPe is hoping that their decision to include famous cricketers will greatly benefit their company.

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