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The Undeniable Signs That Your Website Is A Success

Do you have your own website? As a business owner, it’s a surefire way to bring your product and your brand to the masses, and ensure you can build a customer base that’s far more engaged with you. All in all, it’s a one way ticket to achieving the business goals you set.

So, maybe you’ve just started a blog, or maybe you’ve had a business website set up for over a year now to showcase the best of what you’ve got to offer. But no matter how you’ve approached your online strategy, it’s starting to pay off, and you’re noticing some good results coming out of your website.

But how can you be sure what’s going on? Whenever a website hits its stride, the owner is always a little curious about what made that happen, and how exactly to recreate it. And that means you need to know what analytics are best to track, and what they really mean when you start to notice them popping off.

What’s Your Monthly Visitor Rate?

analytics It’s often said that the best monthly visitor rate for small businesses is 1000 per month. For every month going onwards, it’s also said that your rate should grow by 10% at least. However, many can reach above this, and many can fall below. And this number may go up and down as the year goes on.

After all, depending on what kind of business you’re running, your monthly visitor rate is going to vary depending on the time of year it is. For example, if you sell physical products for the home, there’s a good chance you’ll see an uptake in visitors during the spring. On the other hand, if you sell digital products that help to increase brand awareness, you might often see an uptake around specific holiday periods, such as Christmas and New Year.

As such, it’s important not to worry about maintaining a consistent stream in visitor numbers. As long as you’re happy with the rate you’re receiving, it’s clear you’re doing something right to attract people to you. And to make monitoring this easier in future, there are a lot of online tools you can use to help track this analytic. You can use the Google Search Console or Google Analytics, or you can rely on a number of other tools from various well known traffic sites.

You’re in Need of Faster Infrastructure

internet download speed The website is lagging every now and then, and it’s clear you’ve got a lot of network latency to deal with. As a result, people are clicking off of your website as soon as they click on it, but at the same time, your visitor rate is still extremely high – what’s going on exactly? You’ve never had trouble with the website load speed before, and you’ve always kept in mind just how important that 2-4 seconds of loading really are.

So why are things falling behind now? Well, it’s a sign that you’re getting too many visitors, not that that’s ever a bad thing! But it is something you need to think about as your website gets bigger and bigger. The more people who want access, especially at peak times, the slower the website is going to be. And that’s why many people look into fast web hosting at this point in their business career.

The better your IT infrastructure, the better your website is going to be. You’ll be able to host more on your website in terms of text, images, and any kind of loadouts, and you’ll be able to host far more visitors on top. If you’ve gotten to a point where you can afford it, this is a win-win!

Your Visitors Stick Around for a While

website ux design Known as your ‘bounce rate’, if a high number of visitors click onto your website and then never click through to any other page, this is a bad sign. However, if your analytics show you that many more visitors find the homepage and then proceed to navigate around the majority of the site, it’s clear you’ve got something very valuable to offer.

To work your ‘bounce rate’ out, take the number of visitors who visit just one page and then divide that number by your total number of visitors. If you notice that this percentage falls below 40%, your website is performing exceptionally well! However, even a bounce rate between 40% and 60% is still a good, functioning website you can be proud of.

A low bounce rate means you’ve got something compelling on your homepage. It means your brand does exactly what it promises to do, and it means that you’re likely to build a loyal, returning customer base. Because of this, in the modern world the bounce rate is one of the most valuable metrics you can track.

Your Visitors Come From Multiple Sources

social media Finally, it’s time to think about where all of these visitors are coming from. Not only will this show you where your efforts are paying off, but it can also save you money; as once you know how the majority of your visitors are finding you, you can redefine any marketing efforts you’re putting in. More traffic sources means more flexibility, and that’s indispensable for a small business like yours.

After all, if your social media campaign is having very high results, and you’re getting a top billing on Google Search, but your banner ads are falling behind, it might be worth it to cut off the latter altogether. It’s just a waste of money, and you seem to be getting far more organic and/or direct traffic instead. All in all, if your visitors are coming from a combination of two to three different sources, you can afford to cut one loose for your own good!

Your website is a success thanks to your efforts, and it’s time you recognized the signs of that. Take some time to go through your analytics and celebrate.