EA and H&M’s ‘The Sims 2 Fashion Runway’ Pack will bring out the Fashion Designer in You

The Sims 2 Fashion Runway Pack

Ever dreamt of being a fashion designer? Electronic Arts (EA) has joint hands with H&M, the international fashion retailer, for their Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff Pack. The companies hope to encourage Sims fans, designers and fashionistas to take part in The Sims 2 Fashion Runway and discover the summer-themed collection with this pack.

Basically, The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff pack will provide participants the necessary tools to create their very own fashions using the popular PC game The Sims 2.

Players are encouraged to use their creativity when creating fashion designs using The Sims 2 PC game. What’s more, they may even get the chance to show off their creations on a virtual runway that will be broadcast on www.TheSims2FashionRunway.com, www.hm.com and www.yahoo.co.uk/games.

Also, everybody can participate in the showcase of fashion designs, either by creation the designs themselves or by voting on favorite designs.

And here comes the huge part. Participants may be given the opportunity to have their creations reviewed by an H&M designer. Ultimately, they may even see a garment inspired by their design in H&M stores for future collections!

Besides, using the Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff pack, you can shop for yourself and your Sims from contemporary fashion essentials that are all inspired by real H&M designs.

Players can also use the newly introduced store-themed items to design their own H&M retail environment and build and H&M store.

According to H&M Head of Marketing Jörgen Andersson, “We are very excited that H&M is the first brand to enter this way into The Sims world. For us the stuff pack is a fun opportunity to meet our customers and to show parts of our summer collection. The Sims players are known for their creativity, self-expression and cleverness – we are excited to see the participants’ designs for the virtual fashion runway.”

Participants are invited to create outfits for the six design themes which include “Party Time”, “Skate Park”, and “Street Wear”. Three additional design themes will be announced later.

For each design theme, EA and H&M will select the top 12 submitted designs and feature them in virtual runway shows that will be broadcast online all through the summer.

The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff pack has already begun shipping to Europe and North America.