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The Samsung Ultra Music SGH-F300 Handset to be promoted by Beyoncé

Samsung Ultra Music SGH-F300 Samsung Electronics has announced the collaboration of its Ultra Music SGH-F300 mobile phone with artist and actress Beyonce. Under this collaboration, Samsung and Beyonce will participate in TV commercials, advertisements, global concert tours and various other co-promotional activities.

Firstly, Samsung’s Ultra Music phone TV commercial that stars Beyonce will be the first part of the campaign and will kick off globally in April. Besides, Ultra Music mobile users will have exclusive access to Beyonce’s latest hit “Irreplaceable”, which comes embedded in their mobile phones.

According to Samsung, its mobiles cover a wide range of consumer needs with the right balance of stylish designs, form factors and the latest technological features. Beyonce, who is a talented individual, has shown her versatility in the entertainment industry through music, acting and even as a fashion icon.

The Samsung Ultra Music F300 dual-face handset has a very fresh, unique and stylish design. On one side is a large, clear screen with a sweep touch key that makes music control very simple. And that is not all; when you flip over to the other side you get access to the Samsung mobile phone.

As the name itself suggests, the Samsung Ultra Music F300 is a complete music player phone which delivers superb sound quality and how! This phone is equipped with a digital power amp, and even offers a dedicated music user interface for a quick and easy way to navigate through the play list.

Besides, the Samsung Ultra Music F300 phone includes a stereo FM radio and a Quick PC Sync function that allows users to easily create and organize their music library.

If you keep the music aside, this phone is still feature rich. This phone has a 2 mega pixel camera and a microSD slot for memory expansion. Moreover, all these great features are packed in an extremely portable 9.4mm of casing.

According to Geesung Choi, President of Samsung Electronics’ telecommunications Business, “The Ultra Music is the perfect solution for all music lovers on the move. The combination of superior sound quality, dedicated user-friendly music controls and mobile phone features will drive today’s music phone segment.”

“Samsung is thrilled to be working with Beyonce because we share a lot in common – both have strong passion for music, video and entertainment, and are considered icons in our respective industries. We both aspire to deliver seamless satisfaction, bring music to life,” added Choi.