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The Power of Outsourcing AI and Machine Learning Projects

artificial intelligence ai Machine learning and artificial intelligence are at the forefront of today’s technological world. These technologies are not only evolving at a breathtaking pace but also revolutionizing the world around them, from business purposes to the way we work, learn, consume, and process things on a daily basis.

After companies discovered just how incredibly powerful these techs are in nearly every business vertical and sector, they started looking for ways to implement them into their everyday business workings. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help accomplish a wide range of tasks in the business world from improving overall business results and data science to automating processes and workflows.

However, when it comes to machine learning and AI, companies encounter issues figuring out how to manage, build, and/or implement these pieces of advanced tech. Their options are to buy pre-existing software, attempt to hire an in-house team or to turn to a nearshore software outsourcing company, such as BairesDev.

Many companies, however, don’t have the time nor the workforce to build and implement these technologies in-house. This is where a nearshore software development company comes into play as a time and cost-effective, experienced, and reliable alternative. According to a recent report, IT outsourcing accounted for a total of 12.7% of companies’ total IT budgets last year. This is an increase of nearly 4% as reported in 2018. This number is only expected to increase as technology advances.

The Challenges of Managing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Projects In-House

If an organization chooses to go the route of hiring an in-house development team for machine learning and AI projects, there are many shortcomings and problems that they may encounter. These problems mean that there is no guarantee that an AI or machine learning project developed in-house will be successful.

1 – The world is currently in a shortage of skilled information technology professionals. This makes it incredibly difficult to hire qualified professionals for any kind of development project, let alone the complicated projects associated with data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

2 – AI projects require routine involvement and contributions from many different departments. In order to be able to effectively build and manage these projects in-house, a full development team must have access to and work well alongside other departments as well.

3 – In order to create and train a successful artificial intelligence or machine learning model, the development team needs access to quality business data. This is something that most organizations don’t have readily available nor easily accessible. Most IT teams do not have experience working with big data analytics, which also poses a problem.

Outsourcing Benefits

Nearshore software outsourcing is a great option for companies who realize that machine learning and AI projects are simply out of the scope or knowledge base of their in-house team.

Outsourcing in general helps organizations cut costs in terms of salaries, required hardware and software, and many other factors. In addition to working in a country close to their own, nearshore outsourcing companies offer organizations many benefits, including:

High-Level Expertise

Design, implementation, development, and management of machine learning projects require extensive experience and overall subject knowledge. It isn’t something a website developer could simply pick up as they worked on the project in most cases as it is its own type of extremely complex development.

In-house development teams normally lack the resources and expertise to handle these kinds of challenging projects as they have never used the tech before. Outsourcing companies offer their clients a large pool of talented experts and provide the best developers for each unique project’s requirements.

Neural Network Development

Simply put, developing the necessary neural networks required for artificial intelligence and machine learning projects is as challenging as it is time-consuming. Nearshore outsourcing experts help make this process a simpler and faster one than an in-house team can due to their extensive knowledge bases and experience.

These teams are also able to solely focus on the tasks associated with these complicated projects as they are not responsible for other IT functions within an organization. In-house developers are unable to do so and must concentrate on core business functions.

Accuracy of Machine Learning Algorithms – Dealing with the nuances and errors associated with these technologies requires a skilled hand. Outsourced experts are experienced in handling the challenges of the tech as effectively and efficiently as possible.

They are also well-versed in creating useful predictive algorithms that are used to help the tech make the most appropriate decisions. Outsourcing companies offering machine learning and AI services have better knowledge bases of the associated development tools and libraries to help significantly reduce costly mistakes.

More and more organizations want to include these advanced, complicated, and useful technologies into their everyday business workings. These companies simply don’t have the time or resources available to effectively handle machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. Nearshore software outsourcing companies are an ideal option to help in this area.