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The Nonsurgical Endoscope Equipment For Your Medical Business

surgery Endoscopy is a non-surgical process on examining a person’s digestive tract. They inserted a long thin tube directly to the human body to observe functions of internal organs and tissue, Endoscopy can also perform and carry out tasks like minor surgery and imaging. This device has a camera attached to it and a light, and be display in a monitor. Usually, this endoscope passed through the mouth or other opening parts of the body, this will allow the doctor to check a view part of the internal bodies such as stomach, esophagus, intestines and many more.

There is also special endoscopy that is called endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography or the ERCP that allow picturing pancreas, gallbladder, and other parts. This process is also used in stent placement and biopsies. An endoscope is also similar to ultrasound machines that tract digestive system. The endoscope also uses to detect active bleeding from the inside human body and diagnose cancer development.

Endoscopy is very useful in testing and examining different areas of the human body system. Hospitals and clinics invest in this kind of technology because of it safe even though it’s has a few potential complications. Sometimes getting a new one is not an available option to some hospitals but going to used endoscopes for sale is a more viable option. Besides of flexible tube, here are endoscope product that is available in online markets that are tested and has a lower cost

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  • Pentax EPK-i7000 Endoscopy System


The Pentax Medical EPK-i7000 video processor gives high innovative features in advanced endoscopic examinations with its fully equipped flagship model. This product is designed to provide an exceptional solution, aid research, and accurate clinical findings. It has full i-scan management that supports detection and complete patterns characterization, a twin mode and an HD video recording that collects and share an accurate latest clinical findings. This provides easy, fast and efficient service.


  • Olympus OTV-S190 Endoscopy Processor


Olympus is a leading manufacturer for optical and digital technology in medical systems. One of their highly innovated product is the Olympus OTV-S190 Endoscopy Processor. This product equipped with a high-resolution HDTV that provide the best image quality endoscopes. It also has a wide range endoscope camera, convenient digital recording, portable memory and buttons that are easy to operate.


  • Olympus Evis Exera II 180 Endoscopy System


Also one of the high-quality product by Olympus is their Olympus CV-180 Evis Exera. Same with the OTV-S190 this endoscopy system equipped with a high-resolution HDTV that assure the best image quality for laparoscopy and endoscopy. It has a Narrow Band Imaging that enhances the visibility of fine capillaries and mucosal tissues. This product is packed with a recording and xd cards or digital video cassettes with a remote control switch.

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  • Karl-Storz Tele Pack X Led TP 100 Video Endoscope


The Tele Pack X Led continues its tradition to provide a wide range of application for advantage in ENT procedures. This all in powerful unit combines feature of optimal endoscope imaging with monitor, camera control unit, led light source and data management with integrated network functions. It has multiple USB ports and an SD card slot which offers many options to archive photos and videos. This device is also one of the best devices to use.