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Will Apple Discontinue iPhone Within The Next 10 Years?

Over the past few months, the rumors of the iPhone facing discontinuation have been circulating. Insiders are apparently finding an increasing number of leaks indicating that Apple will not just discontinue one of its highly popular iPhone devices, but it might discontinue smartphones altogether.

Whether you just use your smartphone to simply click photos and make calls or to do your job as a social media influencer or to send memes to your friends, the device you could be using in the future is going to look very different.

Why Discontinue the iPhone?

iphone 13 pro max The biggest question many people will have is why discontinue the range at all? The iPhone has been one of the most popular mobile devices for over a decade now, with millions being sold every year.

However, with technology changing at the current pace, the form factor of a phone isn’t the best way to utilize said technology. Phones are too small, screens are too small, batteries drain too quickly, and there are a limited number of files and programs you can store on them locally.

All of this combined means a phone might not be the best way to use the technology that already exists and will exist in the future. You might have to say goodbye to the traditional way you play mobile blackjack or interact with your favorite app sooner than you think if Apple decides to take this huge step first and prove phones are obsolete.

Other Apple Products

apple products Apple fans are probably wondering how will this affect other products by the company. In particular, the Apple Watch and the iPad. Currently, there is no talk about what will happen with the other Apple products, but it seems like it is only a matter of time before they go the same way as the iPhone is rumored to go.

On the other hand, Apple will want to keep their finger in the desktop and laptop pie, and their Mac computers are not only some of the most loved, but will not need a big overhaul anytime soon.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

virtual-reality Extended reality, including augmented and virtual reality, is the alleged reason why Apple wants to stop the production of its iPhone line. While the tech has been around for a few years now, it is only getting better and will quickly reach the point where it will be part of our everyday lives.

Apple wants to take advantage of this tech and make the Apple Glass, an augmented and virtual reality pair of glasses that will replace your phone and transform the world around you.

The details are still scarce, in typical Apple fashion. But it is expected that the Apple Glass will be a pair of glasses that connect to Airpods to allow you to make and listen to calls and render the world around you interactive.

There have been examples of this before, but the technology hasn’t quite been able to keep up with what the company wants it to do. However, that is sure to change over the next few years, and this is what Apple is likely to be banking on.

Will the Changes be Successful?

There is always the question of whether or not significant changes to an established and essential piece of tech will work. People like the iPhone; they like how it looks, works, and feels in their hands. Getting rid of all of that will be a big step.

Apple deciding to scrap something that has been part of millions of people’s lives for over ten years is a move that you might not think will work. However, you may be forgetting about the Apple ecosystem and the fact that Apple has a way to make their products needed.

Should You Still Buy an iPhone?

iphone 13 pro max Finally, you may want to know if you should or will still be able to buy an iPhone. Sellers and resellers will almost certainly start to stock up on iOS devices in the coming years.

There is obviously no talk yet about whether the iPhone will still be supported software-wise, which is different from its being discontinued. Even though you may be able to buy iPhones if the product lineup is killed, this question of support is the big one.

It can’t be answered now. But in the coming years, we are sure to see big changes in the mobile phone landscape that will address this question and more.