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The Industries That Are Leading The Way With Their Apps

using-smartphone There are thousands upon thousands of apps on the market these days. Some are at the very forefront of technology, others are, well, death traps for malware.

A number of industries are always at the forefront when it comes to mobile app technology and in turn, they are among the most popular too. There are many reasons why this is the case, from having the right design to developing the best security and adopting the latest tech.

So, what are the industries that are leading the way in mobile apps?

Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos, and to a degree sports betting, have been revolutionary in how they use mobile apps to package their product. Brands such as William Hill are leaders in mobile app tech. But they have to be.

The casino market is hugely competitive and in order to entice customers, they need the best offering.

Of course, dealing with money means security is paramount and brands are always seeking more secure ways to keep customers safe.

As well as that, they have adopted ways to seamlessly transition desktop offerings into mobile, something many apps are unable to do. You’ll find live casino via video link, the latest graphics and games and even a number of quite sophisticated offers, particularly with the big names like the William Hill Vegas promo code offers.

Like many industries, it’s the competition that drives it forward and when it comes to mobile, it really is leading the way.

Home Furnishing

Similarly, homeware is equally competitive as brands look to battle with the likes of IKEA.

IKEA themselves have a market-leading app, which includes augmented reality. It’s a real step forward for customers who wish to buy furniture, allowing them to virtually place items of furniture in their home through their mobile camera.

It’s been a real game-changer, popping up in a number of apps, and that trend is only going to continue as customer spending continues to make its way online.


Of course, one industry that simply can’t be ignored is dating. In fact, such is the phenomenon of mobile dating, few people even meet via the usual methods any more!

40% of Americans use online dating, predominantly through their smartphones and every year there’s a new app that takes the world by storm.

Tinder has been huge in recent years, connecting your Facebook profile to your dating account making it a more honest assessment of a character.

It’s expected that over the next few years that will revolutionise even more, with virtual dates through video link and more expected to be implemented.

Online Shopping

The high street has long been dead, which is leading many supermarkets into online shopping which can be completed via mobile app.

They’ve essentially climbed aboard what retail have been doing for years but are refining it further to put the power into the customer’s hands, through offering delivery times and days so you get your shopping exactly when you want it.

It’ll be interesting to see where these apps go next, potentially offering recipes all in one click and the opportunity to set up weekly deliveries via standing order with the same items.