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Impact of the COVID‐19 Pandemic on Students Working Remotely

Student Stock Image The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020 dramatically changed how many human activities are conducted. According to reports on the effects of the pandemic, the socioeconomic disruptions caused by the pandemic might have long-term consequences. Companies, businesses, and governments have changed their processes to ensure public safety and sustainability of operations.

One group that is feeling the effects of the new working protocols is students working remotely. These students use their free time to take on freelance jobs online, working for different organizations. Studies conducted on student online jobs revealed that the most marketable remote jobs for students are online tutoring, translation, transcription, and content creation. The global health pandemic impacted all these jobs. Read on to find out how COVID-19 affected students working remotely.

Demand for Online Freelance Labor Went Up

COVID-19 led companies to move towards remote work. Organizations were forced to adapt quickly to lock-downs by requesting their workforce to work from home. Research reports indicate that nearly 40% of employees were forced to work from home since the pandemic hit the world. Industry experts reckon that the pandemic led to unprecedented labor dynamics.

Since there is no need for employees to be physically present in their workplaces, it has brought a different perspective about the future of work. Experts argue that remote working will lead to a higher demand for offshore freelancers. Organizations will be looking for cheaper, short-term labor from international freelancers.

For example, if you work as a freelance translator, you can sharpen your language skills or learn an additional language. As a student, you can claim student discounts on online platforms offering language tutoring. This move will help you increase the number of clients you can work with. You will also be able to charge higher fees for your services.

Increased Number of Freelancers

Before the pandemic, many people enjoyed their job routines going to the office to work their shifts. After the pandemic, there has been a dramatic shift. It forced some companies to lay off some of their workers to reduce operating costs, while others shut down completely.

Most of the workers that were laid off have to look for alternative ways of earning a living. The most accessible job opportunity for many is online jobs. As a student that works remotely, you should be wary of this new group of unemployed professionals. You must work on your skills to ensure that you remain competitive in the remote jobs market.

One way of increasing your marketability is to be multilingual. As businesses go global, they will need individuals that can help them reach out to foreign markets. Students fluent in only one language can find a tutoring platform that offers student discounts and learn an additional language.

More Remote Work

Companies’ measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on their operations could end up as their new normal. Recent studies revealed that three in every five workers in the US working remotely prefer remote work to go to the office. On the other hand, several businesses have realized that they could save office space costs by allowing their employees to work remotely.

Company executives have also revealed that they are strengthening their remote working platforms to make them more efficient. This means that jobs that were previously done on-site will be executed online. As more companies use this model, the number of remote jobs available will go up.

The increase in the number of remote work means student freelancers can access more jobs. This change is global, meaning companies around the world are looking for remote workers. If you are a student that works remotely, this is excellent news. But, you must also position yourself strategically to benefit from this remote work boom.

Industry experts suggest that individuals that can speak any two of the most commonly used languages are very marketable. The top languages, as per reports, include French, English, Italian, German, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish. If you can speak any two of the languages mentioned above, then you are very marketable. For those that are not multilingual, you buy your first lesson with an online tutor of your choice at a language e-learning platform.

Bottom Line

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed human life forever. Most of the measures taken to control the spread of the virus, like working and learning from home, will shape the future. There is a high likelihood that many companies will continue promoting online working to cut down the costs of their operations. This means that there will be more remote work for student freelancers globally. You should expect to see a higher number of people learning new languages as they position themselves to work for global companies.