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The Growing Demand For Phone Charging Lockers In The UK

chargespot From retail shoppers to exhibition attendees, it’s fair to say that people rely heavily on their phones even when they’re in-store or in the middle of a conference. Did you know 75% of shoppers make decisions surrounding purchases using their phones?

Did you also know that 90% of people use their phones for research and product comparison? That’s a huge majority of people reliant on their phones for both business and pleasure.

Imagine the sheer horror then when said phone runs out of battery. With such heavy use, it’s no wonder phone batteries run out of power at some of the most inopportune times. Unfortunately for retailers, a dead phone is bad for business.

Phone Charging Stations Are Changing The World

For most, a phone battery dying would cut a shopping trip short. Without being able to stay connected, people are becoming more and more reluctant to stay out which is why phone charging stations are popping up here, there and just about everywhere. Not only are in-store charging stations becoming a hugely popular addition for consumers but they’re also keeping shoppers browsing much longer and spending more money to boot.

This recent study found that with the help of phone charging lockers too, where consumers were able to safely and securely recharge their phones while continuing to browse, their shopping time increased on average by double. It also saw checkout totals increase by 29% with a 54% increase in customer conversions.

Chargespot UK Have You Covered

Here at Chargespot UK, we recognize the growing demand for phone charging lockers across the UK and to meet this growing demand, we have three different public phone charging stations available for you. Here’s a rundown of the products you could be enjoying right now:

  • Power Stand – the Power Stand can charge up to 20 different devices at any one time. This is the perfect phone charging station to cater to a crowd in large shopping malls or larger events and exhibitions. It also boasts a 27 inch LCD screen, ideal for your own branding and advertisements.


  • Power Locker – the Power Locker offers the ability to charge 6 iOS or android phones at any one time. This makes it perfect for smaller stores, perhaps boutique shops and smaller airport terminals. These phone charging lockers are fast and super secure (within a six-pin security system) allowing people to place their phones on charge while browsing in your store, continuing to shop and more importantly, continuing to spend their money.


  • Power Compact Pro – this phone charging station may be compact, but it still offers the ability to charge 20 iPhone or Android devices and with a crystal clear display, you can also benefit from added branding and advertisement. Small but mighty, the power compact pro is ideal for venues with a much smaller amount of space with its, particularly small footprint.

If you’d like more information on our phone charging lockers and how you can cater to the ever-growing demand, simply contact Chargespot today on 07940032344.