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The fastest CompactFlash card in the world – Turbo Series CF 350X

A-DATA Logo A-Data has launched what it claims to be the world’s fastest CompactFlash card – the Turbo Series CF 350X memory card.

The latest card from the developer of memory modules, A-Data, are aimed especially at professional photographers and is available in the capacities of 8GB and 16GB for high-end cameras.

The Turbo CF 350X CompactFlash card features data transfer read speed of 52MB/sec and write speed of 47MB/sec. It also supports Dual-channel data transferring (Ultra DMA 0~5 mode and MDMA 0~4 for high-end digital cameras as well as IDE PIO mode 6).

One of the advantages that the memory card provides is that it enables users to store around 1,500 RAW photos and enjoy clicking without worrying about space in the memory card for their photographs.

Turbo CF 350X claims to give an extraordinarily amazing performance and is power saving using the original SLC flash memory (Single-Level-Cell). It is also RoHS compliant.

A-DATA claims to give the benefits of ‘stability and high capacity’ for never-ending shooting and filming to users via Turbo CF 350X and ‘bringing the best’ out of the high level digital cameras.

CF 350X card ensures amazing high-resolution pictures, giving the users more than what they have asked for.

Here is the quick recap of the lightening fast Turbo Series CF 350X memory card:

  • 350X Turbo speed performance with read speed at 52MB/sec and write speed at 47MB/sec
  • Dual-channel support (Ultra DMA mode 0~5, IDE PIO mode 6, MDMA 0~4)
  • Low power consumption and RoHS compliant
  • Original SLC flash memory to deliver outstanding performance