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The Efficiency of Mobile Delivery Apps During the Pandemic

mobile delivery As the coronavirus has upended all of our lives and routines, we’ve become reliant upon delivery companies, who make it possible for the rest of us to stay as safe and healthy as possible. Of course, this includes medical professionals who treat those who fall ill. Still, it also consists of a class of workers that most of us have previously taken for granted. Delivery people have made it possible for us to stay healthy by staying at home. This isn’t the greatest of times, people are always losing their jobs and getting reduced salaries, given the puncture of the economy, many people are moving into working for the delivery and logistics industry as it is the only one working in all its entirety. Delivery apps are working day in and day out to provide necessary goods and services to people around the

globe, these apps have been hiring new employees. These people have been pushed out of their jobs by companies as they were no longer needed during the pandemic. Most of these employees are people who live by the day, and they need to earn every day to survive and, in some cases, put food on the table for their families.

The Stress of Ungrateful Customers

It has taken a considerable toll on the lives of these delivery professionals working for international brands like Uber Eats, Amazon and DoorDash are keeping their lives on the line to make sure we receive our essential products at home. Yet there are a lot of

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people who don’t understand the seriousness of the pandemic and have been ordering anything off the internet as if the world was reviled from all kinds of pain and suffering. Some people undermine the intensity of the Covid-19 pandemic mostly because of their privilege, and they are safe within their air-conditioned homes where most of the work is done by house help and maids. The people who belong to the lower economic class are the ones most affected. The minorities are being suffocated between the virus and the rich, even in this state of extreme economic and social claustrophobia, these delivery executives are putting in all of their time to make sure that you receive your commodities, be it food, soda for the party, essential medicines, your favorite shirt, or

the set of kitchen knives you ordered last week. For such delivery professionals, it is like a gamble, they have risked their lives and the lives of their families as they have a high chance of being exposed to the coronavirus since they come into contact with so many customers every day, on the other hand, if they don’t take this risk, it will be impossible to feed the family. In these situations, these service providers are choosing to take a chance with the virus as compared to starvation.

Ensuring Safety is the Priority

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All apps have been well directed by authorities to adhere to the rules on the pandemic and strictly follow the social distancing guidelines as put forward by the WHO (World Health Organization). The multinational corporations that run these deliveries are trying and have been insisted upon by the authorities and the civil society to do what it takes to ensure the safety of the delivery executives and the customers. All delivery executives are forbidden to come in physical contact with any of their customers, and they are expected to wear masks and gloves at all times. Their companies provide the masks, gloves, and all similar accessories. They also need to sanitize after the delivery of each product and report immediately in case they come in contact with a person who is positive or if

they feel that they might be affected. The customers have also been directed to wear masks and gloves while receiving said packages and to make sure that they sanitize before and after opening the box. The companies had temporarily restricted the buying of all products apart from the essential ones, but now they have opened their doors again to the market.


The Covid-19 pandemic is not to be taken lightly, and most of all, it is vital that we do not risk or lives or the lives of the delivery executives. It is understood that all of us have requirements but overloading the apps will diminish their efficiency. As an informed customer, it is crucial that we place orders of essential items only. If something can wait, then it is best to delay such orders until the pandemic is controlled.

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