The Chic Orb ‘Colors’ – 2.1 Stereo iPod Speakers shipped by mStation

2.1 Stereo Orb 'Colors' for Apple iPod

Right in time for the holiday season, mStation has started shipping its 2.1 Stereo Orb ‘Colors’ for Apple iPod.

The mStation Orb ‘Colors’ beautifully compliment the newly revamped, Apple iPod nano range of MP3 players. They are available in Pink, Green, Blue, and Silver, as well as original Black and White.

These $130 iPod Docking Station/Speaker Systems sport a 3″ Dedicated Subwoofer, 10 Key Remote, and are not limited to playing audio from an iPod. The mStation products can work with just about any audio source (e.g. TVs, Computers) even the New Microsoft Zune, via the ‘Line In’ jack incorporated into every 2.1 Stereo.

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