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The cheapest laptop in the world – Impulse NPX-9000

Here’s presenting to you what you can call the world’s cheapest laptop! You read that right. Impulse NPX-9000 laptop (picture courtesy 14u.com) is the supposedly cheapest laptop in the world with a price of about US $130.

Impulse NPX-9000 laptop If you are ready to compromise on some hardware then the laptop can prove to be the best buy in a limited budget.

The technical specifications of the Impulse NPX-9000 laptop are:

  • It comes with a 7 inch screen,
  • Runs on Linux OS
  • Has 400MHz processor
  • 1G byte of flash storage
  • 128M bytes of RAM
  • Well now things so good do not come easy; they always have some strings attached. So if you really want get your hands on one of these cheapest laptops, you will have to buy them in a bulk of 100 units.

    The netbook is available on the website Alibaba.com via the Taiwanese Carapelli Ltd. reports PC World.

    Earlier companies like Asustek Computers have also launched the cheaper products like Asus’s Eee PC that was available for $300. The latest one – Impulse NPX-9000 seems to be cheaper than cheapest. However there is a lot to comprise for a pocket friendly laptop because when compared with Asus it lags behind in almost all aspects. Eee Pc comes with an 800MHz Intel processor, 512M bytes of RAM and 2G bytes of flash storage.