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The Best VoIP Softphone App For Your Call Or Contact center

softphone Looking for a communication solution that allows you to make free or low-cost calls across any devices over the internet? Trying out a ‘softphone’ might help. Instead of investing in additional telephone hardware, a softphone application is easy-to-use and offers additional features like simple call routing and forwarding, real-time call monitoring, call recording, as well as integrations with any CRM platform you are using. If you want to get one right away, how about starting with a carrier-grade, best-in-class softphone?

CounterPath – a global provider of award-winning Unified Communications solutions for enterprises and solution providers, offers Bria softphones which have been an industry and user favorite, for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Their free trial version X-Lite allows you to test drive all the basic softphone features so that you can use it for voice and video calls, using a single account. Intended for evaluation and demonstration purposes only, X-Lite provides a light-weight communications experience from wherever you are, integrating with your business’ SIP-enabled IP PBX or hosted VoIP service. As X-Lite has limited features, it’s best designed to be used for evaluating the feature-rich capabilities available in the award-winning Bria softphone.

Moving on from the free-trial version, let’s take a look at one of the best softphone apps in 2019 and its key features. The CounterPath award-winning Bria 5 softphone is a full-fledged unified communication softphone app. Its biggest advantage is support for HD voice calls and 1080p video calls when paired with a SIP PBX or VoIP service. Thanks to its usage of G.729, H.264, VP8 codecs, you can rest assured that your calls remain for crisp and smooth. While the free X-Lite app supports instant messaging, Bria takes things up a notch by supporting images, videos and files to be shared with your contacts. And then there’s even Microsoft Outlook integration, which facilitates the placing of calls, and the sending of messages, all from within Outlook.

As a call centre telephone system, the important features of Bria include easy to access call recording, call transfer, and conferencing features. It also includes a detailed call history panel, providing access to call timestamps and recordings. Additionally, Bria supports the ability to create public or private chat rooms, and a presence status indicator that intuitively knows when users are on the phone, or can be changed manually to streamline communications. One of the biggest benefits Bria 5 offers is that leverages unified communications (UC) technology to enable business communications from wherever you are, across devices. It empowers your mobile workforce and enables remote workers to collaborate using powerful UC tools (HD voice and video conferencing, screen sharing, team messaging, etc.). By allowing organizations to streamline their team communications, it helps boosts productivity. A single-user license for this product can be purchased for $59.95 right now. Get started by downloading Bria 5 here.


Last but not the least, one of the best features of a softphone app like Bria is that it can be customized to meet specific business needs. For example, if you are looking for a call centre VoIP solution, opt for Bria desktop softphone and use the Bria Desktop API to integrate with your call center workflows. If you require further customization, CounterPath can help with branding options for:

  • locking the client to the system tray to reduce distractions for agents
  • using the CounterPath Stretto Provisioning platform for easy, centralized configuration and management of Bria softphone clients across multiple call center locations or remote agents
  • using the CounterPath VoIP SDK to integrate calling support within existing workflows, applications or web apps


Finally, choose a softphone app that is specifically designed for your business and enterprise needs. Future-proof your business communications with the bets of softphone apps and enhance communication and collaboration. If you want a book a demo, you can contact the Solution Experts at CounterPath here.